SL’s Personal New Year

This coming week SL celebrates its 7th birthday and does so with the theme “Uncommon Collaborations.”  It’s so very fitting that Shenlei Flasheart, CEO of the Fashion Research Institute, will have an exhibit at SL7B.  Shenlei’s creative efforts and work with others have long epitomized uncommon collaborations.  As one of many examples, check out this writeup on a synchronous fashion show put on by Shenlei’s fashion interns during which they modelled their creations in FL while a virtual version modelled their same fashion inworld.   

Of her many successful endeavors with talented individuals and corporations both, I was proud to work with Shenlei when she envisioned the Shengri La Marketplace program.  For a year I curated the Marketplace, which was dedicated to finding and nurturing new and/or early emerging fashion designers, all of whom received guidance from Shenlei, herself a very successful fashion designer inworld and in FL.  Many of these collaborative relationships are still thriving, well into two years later.  Some of those collaborators who will showcase their work at SL7B include Shenlei’s student intern Missy Lavecchia, and Shengri La Marketplace alumni:  Misteria Loon creator of Pas De Deux fashion (highlighted extensively in this weblog), Yoona Mayo creator of Cocoon Jewelry, and Tiffy Vella creator of Eclectica Jewellery.

Happy personal new year to SL and really to all of us…the wonderful uncommon thinkers who make the world as fascinating, enriched, and vibrant as it is.   

The swimwear is a sneak peek of some of the wonderful creations you’ll see from Missy, Misteria, Tiffy, Yoona, and Shenlei.  The suit pictured here is “Aryana” from Missy’s White Queen line.

Elemental Grandeur

By the seashore lives a mer creature in such splendid finery she must be the Queen.

Her essence is magnificent; her form gorgeously adorned in nothing less than opulent fabrication.  And opulence is what you will receive in the latest mermaid fashion from Misteria Loon, creator of Pas De Deux.  

Each time I see a new design from Misteria, I smile very wide because I’ve witnessed Misty’s transformation from her humble design beginnings a little more than a year ago to the incredibly talented artist that she is now.  And that she expresses so prolifically in all of the gorgeous fashion she creates.  Over a year ago when I first met Misty, she told me that the beauty of nature inspired her.  It’s clear she consistently draws from that inspiration source in all of her designs.  As with her latest design release, Misty’s fashions all echo the organic splendor that is nature’s broad artistry.  Have a look at the full expanse of Mermaid…how the fins billow and feather out over the seas, reaching far into the horizon and beyond.  Indeed, tenderly embracing all celestial bodies, from oceans, heavens, moons, stars to the celestial form of woman.  (And Misty even provides a male shirt for the Mer men of the seas.)   

In Mermaid, Misty calls forth a beautiful and generous Queen.  One who bedazzles all the worlds of land, air and sea. washing them in waves of colors that undulate along the visual spectrum.  And that ultimately seep luxuriously into all the senses.

It’s a passionately romantic design.

It’s a passionately romantic essence.

Naturally so.

To get your Mer Queen on, travel the seas to Shengri La where you’ll find Pas De Deux and this gorgeous persimmon colored Mermaid ensemble (among other equally sumptuous colors). 

Pas De Deux is located in the Shengri La sim (coordinates:  132, 8, 27) and in the Juliet sim (coordinates: 136,104, 2) .

Vintage Glass in spring bloom

Tiffy Vella, creator of Eclectica Jewellery, has an artistic sensibility that is not only intricately elegant but that is also wonderfully aware.   What I mean by this becomes obvious when you view Tiffy’s creations, in this case her latest jewellery wardrober called “Vintage Glass.”   (As is always the case with Tiffy, she doesn’t pretend to give you a full wardrobe with each purchase.  In point of fact, she truly provides the entire ensemble and then some:  two dangling earring styles (not one but two), a ring, a necklace, and a bracelet.  By the way, the price point for all of this — for the quantity of items provided *and* most importantly for the astonishing quality that is Tiffy’s signature — is amazing inandof itself.) 

In Vintage Glass, I show the color set called “Art Glass.”   Vintage Glass comes in a wonderful color run, by the way, with all the colors anticipating spring’s arrival.  But as for the color “Art Glass,” it speaks of swirling fiery auroras as captured within each glass gem. That color presentation and mood is gorgeous by itself but really when you first glance at this wardrober and then continue to look more deeply, Vintage Glass keeps surprising you.  Because you can’t help but appreciate the incredible amount of refined intricacies contained within it: from each link, the beadwork…including the gem caps surrounding each glass orb to the overall flow of the set.  This is what I mean by the incredible awareness of Tiffy’s eye.  She takes each creation at the gestalt and moves so gracefully into each distinctive part, somehow keeping her creative vision on both throughout the process.  That is no easy feat.

Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

Here (below) is a close up that attempts to capture some of the extensive orchestration involved in Tiffy’s artistry.  Note the gentle fire contained in the gems.  This gorgeous beadwork is carried through even to the crown of the ring, the bracelet, into the necklace (which is complete with a back dangle and a swag of beads dangling at the end of the necklace), and into each earring set (one set with a single drop of glass beads, another set with a swag drop of glass beads).

Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

A closeup of the single drop earring:

Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

A view of the lovely back dangle of the necklace, where Tiffy doesn’t hold back from placing her exacting attention to detail:

Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

Full circle to another presentation of the overall ensemble…the wonderful, refined beauty and elegance of the whole.

Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

Simply — for all the wild depth and amazing complexity — gorgeous.

The gorgeous Vintage Glass wardrober from Tiffy Vella creator of Eclectica Jewellery can be found in two locations:  Shengri La (this slurl takes you to the landing point in Shengri La; from there, the coordinates for Ecelectica Jewellery in the Shengri La sim are:  148, 11, 27) and in Sinaburoe.

Rose Flower

Although for many it’s still winter, the temperature is rising just a little.  The snow’s beginning to melt just a little.   Even the sun poked its head out from behind some clouds just a little.  Couldn’t say if it saw its own shadow.  But no matter how many weeks remain in winter, we can all have more than a little bit of spring right now thanks to Misteria Loon and her new creation “Rose Flower.” 

Take a look at this gorgeous vision of a gown from Misteria’s Pas De Deux label.

"Rose Flower" by Misteria Loon, creator of the Pas De Deux line of fashion

There are a few things to note about the artistry in this piece.  In Rose Flower, Misty’s design clearly intends to frame the beauty of every woman who wears it.  The neckline — dramatic yet exceedingly gentle — is an amazingly executed arrangement of billowy large pastel petals that flow gently and that exist purely to showcase the face.  Your gorgeous face is the center of this flower.  Your gorgeous face is the focal point in this entire gorgeous design.  And the amazing thing is that Misty manages to achieve this quite masterfully even though her design comes with a gazillion options.  Well, not literally a gazillion, but the generous layers she provides in each of her creations is just as amazing as her incredibly beautiful, whimsical creations. 

In Rose Flower, for example, the beautiful neckwear comes in two versions:  one version contains the neckwear by itself; another version contains incredible wings attached to the same gorgeous neckwear.  These wings are light and airy yet still command a presence.   Like so: 

Rose Flower by Misteria Loon creator of Pas De Deux fashion

I show the short skirt (mid-thigh) in the pictures above.  Misty also provides a side panel for each leg as add-ons to the short skirt should you want to intensify the imagery of petals (shown in the next photo, poofed out even a bit more due to the effect of transitioning between poses).  

"Rose Flower" by Misteria Loon creator of Pas De Deux fashion

For a much longer bloom, Rose Flower also comes in two gown versions:  one with a train that creates the illusion of a flower in bloom along the surface of the ground; and the other with a hemline that flows gently over the feet.  Although this gown is gorgeous on any parcel, Rose Flower, for me, is so incredibly ethereal that I had to take to the air to photograph it (which is why all the photos are in the sky):

"Rose Flower" from Pas De Deux fashion by Misteria Loon

You may have noticed that I now show the neckline sans the wing in these photos.  You may have noticed also the gently plunging back of the dress.  I love a gorgeous back on a dress just as much as I love a gorgeous front neckline.  I don’t understand why some designers ignore the back or view it as unimportant or a throw away.  If you want all eyes to be on you as you enter a room, you most assuredly want all eyes to remain on you as you walk and move through the room.  But I’m meticulous in my view of this because not only do I care about the front and the back, but I also care about the side views as well. 

Yes, I want 360 degrees of amazingness:

Rose Flower by Misteria Loon of Pas De Deux fashion

Which leads me full circle back to the point of Rose Flower…and back to what should always be the goal of any piece of fashion:  to showcase the wearer.  In this case, to showcase the gorgeous beautiful bloom of a woman.  In any and in all seasons.

Rose Flower utterly in bloom at Pas De Deux

Rose Flower by Misteria Loon from her Pas De Deux label at the Shengri La Marketplace

Midnight Sparkle in a Winter Wonderland

Midnight Sparkle, an effervescent gown designed by FL fashion design student and SL design intern Missy Lavecchia, will be featured in the December 7th (4 pm slt) fashion show in the Shengri La Hope sim.  “Jewels of Winter” is the venue for showcasing this talented freshman designer’s creations, specifically formal gowns in rich jewel tones from her Bella Fantasique line. 

Midnight Sparkle

Missy Lavecchia (sl name) is an undergraduate fashion design student at Buffalo State University.  Missy interned with the Fashion Research Institute (FRI) for the past nine months, where she worked the craft of fashion design in virtual settings…and received academic credit at BSU along the way.  Jewels of Winter is Missy’s first fashion show dedicated completely to her work and is sponsored by FRI CEO and Shengri La estates owner Shenlei Flasheart (sl name).  As a Shengri La curator, I’ve watched from afar as Missy studied under Shenlei’s tutelage.  It’s truly wonderful to see this young talent grow and continually learn, and to watch as she gains greater mastery over her craft.

Please join us on December 7th from 4-6 pm SLT at Jewels of Winter for what will be a lovely review of Missy’s latest creations, a small collection of ornamental and festive gowns in an expansive color run.  The venue for the show is a gorgeous winter holiday setting, complete with ice skating, dancing, and horse carriage rides.   We look forward to seeing you there!

Jewels of Winter, December 7th, 4 pm SLT, Shengri La Hope sim 


Please plan to attend

Transformations, a jewelry installation of Cocoon Jewelry by Yoona Mayo, November 7th, 7 AM SLT, Shengri La sim 79.217.401

It is with great delight and pleasure that I share a little bit about Yoona Mayo, creator of Cocoon Jewelry.  Yoona is a huge talent.  She is a graceful, delicate soul whose outer elegance belies her inner strength.  As a Shengri La curator, I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Yoona for many months while she participated under Shenlei Flasheart’s tutelage in the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace for new or early-emerging designers.  When Yoona came to Shengri La, she brought with her an astounding ability to work and very finely tune tiny tiny tiny prims and connect them together to form unbelievably intricate works of art in the form of jewelry.

And, Yoona’s artistry is simply breathtaking, as evidenced (below) by just a couple of the many pieces to be featured during “Transformations.”  By the way, the “Transformations” jewelry installation is at 7 a.m. STL because Yoona is from the Pacific Rim in FL, and the 7 a.m. SLT timeslot is the best hour to accommodate a pretty huge time difference.   (It will be very very late at night for Yoona and her friends, while very very early in the morning for many of us.)

But no matter the hour, I’ll be there with bells on (and coffee in hand).  In actuality, I’ll be there with the great honor of modelling one of the pieces to be featured:  the glorious jewelry wardrobe called Harvest Moon (below).  What can I say…I *love* this set.  It is unbelievably intricate and yet so richly detailed and somehow despite its delicate nature has such an unmistakable presence that it completely amazes.  

Yoona Mayo's Cocoon Jewelry
Harvest Moon from Cocoon Jewelry by Yoona Mayo

When I first saw Harvest Moon a few weeks ago, I gaped and purchased the earrings immediately.  (Yoona sells her earrings and necklaces separately, both at unbelievably reasonable prices.)  But I had snapped those earrings up shortly after Yoona created them and so I eagerly anticipated the creation of the accompanying necklace.  Then, because I have the good fortune of modelling in  “Transformations” (which I would do in a heartbeat in support of Yoona), I was gifted with the complete Harvest Moon set.  By the way, Harvest Moon comes in an array of gem choices.  My favorite is the diamond (featured in photos).  But all of them — from diamond, emerald to ruby and more — astound and confirm over and over again Yoona’s monster-size talents.  This level of design — from conception to build — is amazing.   For such a tiny, gentle soul with such a delicate and refined eye, Yoona is a screamingly massive talent.  Take a closer look at all the amazing intricacy in design on the earrings alone.   Simply wow!

Yoona Mayo's Cocoon Jewelry
earring detail of Harvest Moon set by Yoona Mayo, creator of Cocoon Jewelry

From earrings to necklace, Yoona echoes design elements, repeating the strongest theme in the structure even when the designs are ethereal and organic in feel, which the vast majority of Yoona’s creations are.  She creates this cohesive, beautiful symphony of levels and depth all in one set and interprets FL nature (Yoona’s source of inspiration) into gorgeously wearable jewelry-art for us to enjoy inworld. 

Here’s Yoona’s “Wisteria” set (below).  It, too, comes in a range of gem choices from diamonds, black pearl, ruby, to emeralds.

Yoona Mayo's Cocoon Jewelry
Wisteria earrings and necklace by Yoona Mayo, creator of Cocoon Jewelry

Here (below) is a photo that I share in an effort to show the dimension in the necklace.  The center design element on the necklace lifts up gently away from the body and the other branches of the neckwear.  The overall effect is this gorgeous depth and mimmicking of the wonderful cascading effect we see of wisteria in nature.  Only in this case, Yoona brings us a cascading effect of gems:

Yoona Mayo's Wisteria set
Wisteria earrings & necklace from Yoona Mayo, creator of Cocoon Jewelry

Not only is Yoona’s source of inspiration nature, but she loves working tiny prims and she does — indeed, she does — like nobody’s business.  In fact she’s elevated it to an artform in a way that very, very few have.  Please do come to “Transformations,” meet Yoona and see firsthand how incredible Yoona’s artistry truly is.  You’ll come away just as amazed as we all are, those of us who have had the pleasure of working with her.  And you’ll be sure to come away with any number of gorgeous wardrobe sets to fit perfectly in with the upcoming holiday season…really, with any season.

Transformations, a jewelry installation showcasing the gorgeous jewelry of Yoona Mayo, creator of Cocoon Jewelry

November 7, 7 a.m. STL, Shengri La sim (79.217.401)


Note:  I am continuing to write entries for NaNoWriMo(s) but am withholding posting them until after the November 7th Transformation show.

Purple Prose

It is with great joy that I share news of the Purple Prose Jewellery installation featuring Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella.    Great joy not only because the jewelry is gorgeous, the set design beautiful, but Tiffy is such a wonderful, screamingly talented soul who also happens to be genuinely nice.

Please do join us at “Purple Prose” featuring Eclectica Jewellery on October 17th at 7 AM SLT, Shengri La Hope (144.127.1301)

Dragonfly from Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella
Dragonfly from Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

“Purple Prose” is conceived, developed, and sponsored by mega talented FL and SL fashion designer Shenlei Flasheart (inworld name).  Shenlei is CEO of the Fashion Research Institute (FRI), owner of the Shengri La sims, and a long-time developer-collaborator in Open Sim.   Shenlei continues to amaze with all her endeavors, in this case, by pushing the creative boundaries of fashion shows.  She led the way with the use of static fashion installations — venues that place attendees in the center of the event with the models, thereby removing the “velvet rope” that exists purely to create barriers between the audience and the event.  Shen also was the first to encourage interaction in static fashion installations, with models and attendees engaging in conversation about the items or in spontaneous storytelling as inspired by the evocative mood of the fashion and the venue.

As with previous FRI fashion shows, “Purple Prose” promises to cast a sultry and passionately lyrical presentation.  (Last spring’s, wildly successful “Primal Elegance” comes to mind as an example.) 

With Eclectica Jewellery, you may recall my mentioning over the past year that Tiffy was one of the original apprentice-designers in the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace program (also created by Shenlei).  Tiffy’s craftsmanship was divine when she began the program.  But since that time, her artistry has achieved unimagined heights.  Take a gander at the Herbal jewelery ensemble (first photo below).  I was lucky enough to be gifted with Tiffy’s Herbal ensemble so I could provide a sumptuous sneak peek at one of the many wonderful creations that will be featured during “Purple Prose.”   Tiffy’s attention to detail — and her masterful execution — are both out of this world.

Electica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella
“Herbal” from Electica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

Her exquisite artistry holds true with the wonderful Dragonfly ensemble (next photo and the ring photo above).  When Tiffy first released Dragonfly, I literally bolted to her shop and bought it within seconds of its release.  What you receive with this purchase is unreal:  earrings, ring, neck adornment, waist adornment of such amazing depth and detail it’s astonishing.  Yes, Dragonfly comes with jewelry for the waist.  It’s not a belt…it’s gorgeously faceted adornment for the front and back of the waist that I wore on top of a very lovely but otherwise plain gown.

Like all of Tiffy’s pieces, Dragonfly is absolutely *spectacular.*   From the moment I saw this set, I loved it down to all its many beautiful pieces and graceful swirls.

Dragonfly Ensemble from Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella
Dragonfly Ensemble from Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

The level of detail and care that Tiffy puts into each of her pieces is simply remarkable…although there’s actually nothing simple about it.  She marries rich complexity with such breathtaking elegance and does so on a consistent basis.  So much so, that one could easily say this was Tiffy’s signature style: unimagined depth with breathtaking elegance.  When you join us at Purple Prose, you’ll see what I mean firsthand:  “Purple Prose”, October 17th, 7 AM SLT, Shengri La Hope (144.127.1301).