Day 5 ~ Midsummer of the Fairelands

Fantasy Faire 2017 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands (details and slurls after the pictures)


We have arrived at the Midsummer of the Fairelands.  It never ceases to amaze how fast time flies during this event…on the wings of such tremendous community and commitment.  As I post this, it’s actually the start of Day 6!  And at this writing, total lindens raised are just over 3.9 million Lindens!  We’re well on our way to finishing this out in grand glorious triumph.  See you in the Fairelands early and often!



Fashion Details (100% of RFL vendor items goes to the fight to eradicate cancer). 

Official FF List of Stores in Alpha Order and with FF sim locations

  • Headdress: Kira by by Plurabelle Laszlo of Bliensen + MaiTai
  • Gown: The Light of Sarin by Bee Dumpling of Silvan Moon Designs
  • Collar: Grasp in toxic by Plurabelle Laszlo of Bliensen + MaiTai
  • Necklace: Grolda, the Plastik
  • Wings: Illusion from Moondrops
  • Body Tattoo: Seelie Glow Rainbow W B by Eve Gaelyth, Even Tide


Day 4 ~ Spreading our Wings

Fantasy Faire 2017 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands (details and slurls after the pictures)


We find ourselves nearing the Midsummer’s Eve of the Faire, now that just a bit over a third of this spectacular happening has, well, happened.  And spectacularly so!   As is always the case, all of the wonderful souls in this incredible community continue to spread our wings together with one focus, one purpose:  to eradicate cancer once and for all.  And we continue to make a huge impact.  As of this writing, just over 3.2 million lindens have been raised (more than $12,000 USD) and 7 days still remain.  So what can we accomplish together in 7 days?  Why…Life itself, wonderful wonderful Life.  Continue to spread your wings and fly onward Fellow Fairelanders.  Ring those Bells of Hope resoundingly into Life.  Slurls and details after the pics.




Fashion Details (100% of RFL vendor items goes to the fight to eradicate cancer)

  • Crown: Luna (Mad Queens collection) by Krystali Rabeni of LOVE.  Sim:  The Hill
  • Headchain2: Pearl Moon by Krystali Rabeni of LOVE.  Sim:  The Hill
  • Necklace:Draconis by Vixn Dagger of Vengeful Threads. Sim:  The Rose
  • Dress: Sophia by Catalina Staheli of Aleutia.  Sim:  The Hill
  • Wings: Ascendant by Spider Carnot of Spider Productions.   Sim:  Fallen Sands
  • Face and body tattoo: Pearlfin by Pixy Snook of Stix.  Sim:  Fallen Sands
  • Photo Location:  Opal Flight sim (Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis)

Day 3 ~ With a little help from our friends

Fantasy Faire 2017 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands (details and slurls after the pictures)


Sometimes we could all use just a little help from a friend.  Fantasy Faire brings out the fellowship and camaraderie like no other inworld event, rivaling a great many atomic world events as well.  Beautiful creations and sims and souls to discover during these days of the Faire.  All leading to pathways for what we all hope will be the most incredible discovery of all:  a cure for cancer.    Words here are short; the urgency to eradicate cancer, high.  Into the Fairelands, ye wonderful souls.  See you there!



Fashion Details (100% of RFL vendor items goes to the fight to eradicate cancer)

Day 2 ~ Lighting the Way

Fantasy Faire 2017 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands (details and slurls after the pictures)


I’m racing between posts.  I’m also chomping at the bit to race back into the Fairelands.  So much so I’ll keep my words brief here.  Nearly twitter-esque but positively brimming over with the great authenticity of love in this community, in all of us.

The Fight wages on, dear Fairelanders.  Keep lighting the way to triumph!



Fashion Details (100% of RFL vendor items goes to the fight to eradicate cancer)

  • Headdress: Dew Drop by oOLukeOo of Apparition Store.   Anasi Sim by Beq Janus/Polysail
  • Body Tattoo: Seelie Glow Rainbow W B by Eve Gaelyth of Even Tide.  San Mora Sim by Jaimy Hancroft/Eowyn Swords/Morbid Deceit
  • Necklace: Grolda by Aikea Rieko of The Plastik.  Chaddul Ro Sim by Searlait Nitschke
  • Dress: Ursa Purple by Syren Nightfire of Syren’s Song.  Raven’s Perch Sim by Kaelis Ember/lrriven
  • Hand Particles:  by ColeMarie Soleil of Cole’s Corner.  Dawn’s Promise Sim by Marcus Inkpen/Sharni Azalee
  • Photo location: Fairelands Junction by Saiyge Lotus

Day 1 ~ In Pursuit

Fantasy Faire 2017 slurls and urls


In Pursuit of a cure.

Swarm the Fairelands, ye fellow Warriors.  Rise as One.  Rise Swift and True.  Rise Now. Forever Rise.

A Look from the Fairelands (details of Fairelands items and slurls after the pictures)



Fashion Details for items at the Fantasy Faire

  • Headdress, face and body tattoo, flexi drapes, arm pieces:  Starseeker by Kerryth Tarantal of Spyralle.  The Spirit Pool sim.
  • (note: the bolero and gloves are from another creator and are not included)

We Rise. Now.

(Thank you v wonderful friend Dale for this great photo and for modelling with me!)
Fantasy Faire 2017 Sims Open at 9 a.m. SLT 4/20

Fantasy Faire 2017 slurls and urls


“The battle is now,” Sage spoke rapidly.  

“The way out is Through,” she said and in one swift movement, lifted the toaster onto her shoulder, rallied the other small creatures into extreme readiness, then looked with sharp evaluation at her friend who still knelt…living perhaps a bit too long there.

“The way out is through…and Up,” the flower seemed to add, stretching itself imperceptibly but enough for eyes to see.  Bloom’n blinked.  Once, then twice, then three times.  As if to clear her ears to hear the beautiful plant all the way down through to its roots and back up again, a journey which she was now convinced extended to the Heavens and the Wisest of Eternals.  As if in search of Galaxies, she studied each innocent yet ancient white-pink petal.  Then feeling her friend’s determined energy, Bloom’n looked up and met Sage’s eyes.

“We climb,”  Sage resolutely said.  Her eyes sparkled now.  “We cast off the skeletons of fear, remnants long overdue to be left behind.”

She extended her hand and firmly took Bloom’n’s hand.  

“We climb together,” Sage breathed.  “We climb all of us as one.  We climb now.”  

[original story from one of my 2016 FF entries]




By Saiyge Lotus


Anansi (Beq Janus/Polysail) – Worldling Cradle

Because for every end there must be a beginning…  Once upon a time there were no Fairelands, no faires, a no stories to be told. It is said that the trickster god Anansi, stole the seeds of creativity from the sky gods, nurturing them into life, giving birth to the fairelands, casting them to the void winds as he flees the wrathful gods.  But such tales are for children aren’t they? …


The NeoVictoria Project Asil Ares


The Dark Fae / The Purple Puffin Corvi Ashdene / Krista Darbyshire

Birth Silent Alchemi

Frosting Cute Brianna

Moon & Back Creations Lunasta Moonites

The Crosstime Garage melonnyvix

Apparition oolukeoo


The Hill (Kilik Lekvoda)
A peaceful and beautiful village built into the rolling hills surrounding a small lake. Breathe in warmth, peace, and maybe a little pipe smoke, A place where friendships sprout as readily as the mushrooms beneath leafy green trees.


Solarium/Titans Encaitaron Korobase/Kilik Lekvoda


[ Aleutia ] Catalina Staheli*

Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps OldeSoul Eldemar & Tinies

Analog Dog Hair Queue Marlowe

LOVE by Krystali Rabeni Krystali Rabeni

Jinx Julala Demina

Cerridwen’s Cauldron Elicio Ember

Tiny Inc Etheria Parrott

Atomic Kitties Lauren Thibaud

Peeps Dinkies Jennylynn Capalini

Talevin’s Designs Talevin Whelan

Designs by Isaura Isaura Simons

[MUSE] & NSP Florals Norena Soir

~ KS ~ Designs KhaleesiShinn Resident

Aphrodite Shop Marina Ramer & Jaylin Whitewood

Touryuumon: Maho Sukuroru Silverfox Rainbow

Fae Fantasy Creations Tamrielle Halderman

*Event Sponsors


Kakushi Pasu (Lokii Violet) – Literary Festival Sim
In Kakushi Pasu we gather to enjoy and delight in the stories that have been caught in words and placed in books to be escaped in, shared and cherished.


Sanctuary RP Community Stevie Basevi


Mudrana (Alrunia Ahn/Luna Barak)
Everyone in Mudrana, the land of the lilypad, praises the godfrog – the legends tell that once the godfrog falls asleep, , the pond dries out, and everything dies. The frogs of Mudrana therefore croak and sing for their god to keep it awake to preserve the world from death.


Dandelion Daydreams Factory Alrunia Ahn/Luna Barak


OtherSkin Kaleidos Resident*

Living the FantaSea Corkie Houston

ThatChick / Adorably Strange Wares Anastasia Domenici / Violet Draesia

Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions Tayren Theas

.:Soul:. Lerochelle Destiny

[Gauze] / [][]Trap[][]  Yukio Ida / Selos Dae

Ro’s Mermaids Romana Falta

Polenth’s Mushporium Polenth Yue

Faeline Fairy Pryda Parx

Simply Shelby Shelby Olivier

Ashbourne & Co. Fine Jewellers Elizabeth Burleigh

[EvelineInTheBox] Eveline Ashbourne

Mistique Mahilwen Mistwalker

Lovecraft in Second Life ArikTheRed Resident

Candle and Cauldron Fenni Crispien

Zombie Suicide Isis Zamin

*Event Sponsors

Day 10 ~ Believe Extended

How Fantasy Faire Counts:  So far, more than $5.8 million Lindens raised, which is more than $23,000 USD!!

Fantasy Faire 2016 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands (details of Fairelands items and slurls after the pictures)





Fashion Details for items at the Fantasy Faire

  • skin (RFL item):  Blessing (in goldby Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods in The Golden Delta
  • coat dress w/gloves (RFL item):  Snow Queen by Azlyn Vaher of Yasum Design in Tinkers Hollow
  • head jewel:  (RFL item): Aetheria Gold by Ziggurson Resident & Zuleicca Resident of OXIDE in Dangarnon
  • ears (RFL item):  Elven Dragon ears by Drusilla Dethly of The Little Bat in Dangarnon
  • antlers (RFL item):  Lightbearer of Hope with headpiece by Kerryth Tarantal of Spyralle in Serenity
  • earrings (RFL item):   Dragon Lariat by Drusilla Dethly of The Little Bat in Dangarnon
  • SIM Location:  Bright Haven by Kilik Lekvoda.  SIM Sponsor:  KittyCatS! Callie Cline