Siren’s Secret & Ruins of Nu Orne

The title of this post is a bit misleading.  The slidehow below is made up almost entirely of photos of Siren’s Secret.  Only two photos of Ruins of Nu Orne found their way here and that’s only because I ran out of time.  The Fantasy Faire faded back into starlight before I could snap more images.  Next year I’ll plan the sim picture exercise out better.  As for this year, I’m just happy to have made some progress on the goal to explore the sims and capture them along the way.  All of them were spectacular…as even just one photo reveals.

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Shifting Sands & Devil’s Locket

Here is the second post of some of the photos I was able to take before the Fantasy Faire faded back into starlight.  Today’s slideshow features a handful of images from the Shifting Sands sim and just a couple from the Devil’s Locket sim.  I’m not sure if any photos could capture the magnificence of these builds (like the amazing sand waterfalls at Shifting Sands), but it’s fun to try to show their granduer. 

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Fairelands Junction Build

I’m making progress.  This is the first year of the Fantasy Faire that I lived into my other goal — even if only a little bit — to explore the sims before they went the way of the Sun.  The builds were astoundingly beautiful.  Just from the environment alone, the wonderfully different world of this grand culture within the inworld seeps into your being.  Add the vision and community to it and wow…magic! 

Over the next couple of entries I’ll share slideshows of the pictures I took, none of which do justice to the artistry of these places.  For today’s entry, feast your eyes on the Fairelands Junction, a glorious build that oozes lushness and was created by the ever-talented Saigye Lotus, who is also creator of Balderdash.  Saigye’s gentle eye and imaginative hand also shape the gorgeous Oubilette sim, where Balderdash is located.  I took these pictures of Fairelands Junction last Sunday, while arriving for the first live music performance of the day.  Along the way, I heard the gorgeous vocal stylings of a wonderful singer named Lyrica Acoustic who I hadn’t heard sing before but am very glad I did.  She is quite talented.  And — bonus! — while people-watching, I spotted several petite fae and even a Hipster!  See for yourself:

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Last night, Fantasy Faire organizers announced in group chat the total amount raised was nearly 6.2 million lindens for a total of more than $25,000 USD.  This is the highest amount raised by any RFL group in SL todate.  And this was achieved even through an SL blackout on one day and another day when one or more of the Faireland sims experienced difficulties…no doubt because of the overwhelming numbers storming the vendors.

The beauty of this kind of coming together to create and live into a shared experience and to achieve such a phenomenal result is truly magical.  The level of passion is so very apparent when you look at their weblog.  The incredible purpose, not the wonderful personalities, is constantly stated first and foremost.  The vision constantly has the spotlight, as it should, and is constantly brought to life by weaving a powerful shared story and experience.  Still.  At the end of what had to be incredibly hard work over what had to have been an extensive number of months, it just wouldn’t be right to go forward without a sustained standing ovation for everyone involved.  Fantasy Faire founder Ember Fatina cannot possibly receive enough accolades.  Nor can all those who worked with such convinction and passion to make it all happen.  Dagmar Haiku thank you for the honor of including me with the official bloggers and for the pleasure of meeting you early on prior to Fairelands opening.  From one of countless many — like all of us — that cancer has impacted, to all of you incredible souls, I humbly say thank you.  Forever thank you.  

In Fantasy Faire Fellowship and until we all return to the Fairelands again, thank you, indeed.

Fantasy Faire — the way of the Sun

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  • FriendsFightCancer on Twitter HERE

One day remains before the truly splendiferous sims of the Fantasy Faire go the way of the Sun.  Day 8 tally sees more than $20,000 USD raised,with the effort to raise more continuing into every hour that remains.  I’m inworld sitting quietly listening to the Live Auction now…marvelling at this incredible community, all of these incredible souls.  All One in this purpose.  Update:  Fantasy Faire Founder Ember Farina just announced that this fair just hit a new milestone making it the highest raising RFL faire in second life!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

One more day to rally until next year.  Oh, but what an incredible, incredible year for this year’s Fantasy Faire…for the fight to eradicate cancer.

FFC Vendor Items; 100% of Proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society

  • Mer outfit:  “Cloud Dragon,” by Ethereal Faerye, creator of Lost in Starnight.  Siren’s Secret sim.
  • Wings:  “Aquaverial” by Ethereal Faerye, creator of Lost in Starnight.  Siren’s Secret sim.
  • Skin (worn with mer outfit):  “Francesca” in twilight (comes with imp ears) by Voshie Paine, creator of la petite morte.  Shadows Claw Sim.
  • Skin:  “Lulu” by Kira Paderborn, creator of Style by Kira.  Jungle Bungle sim.

Items not FFC vendor creations but wonderful finds

  • Dress: “Pale Lace Lilac” by Vrem Vaniva, creator of VreMode.
  • Hair:  “Hungry Deep” in fathom (ridged) by Ruina Kessel, creator of {Rue}.  Crazy Hair Hunt 2012 item.
  • Hair (worn with mer outfit):  “Sparta” in Deep Sea Army by Cherelle Capra, creator of C&D Designs.  Crazy Hair Hunt 2012 item.

Fantasy Faire — Imagine

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  • FriendsFightCancer on Twitter HERE

Day 7 tally tops $16,000 USD, according to the Fantasy Faire website.  And according to the group IM last night, an extra day has been added.  If that’s true, the last official day will be Monday, April 30th. 

Like so many of us, I’m grateful for the extra day because I would love this event to remain for as long as possible.  It’s really more than an event, the Fantasy Faire.  It’s truly a world within the virtual world. 

Everyone who built this world and this shared purpose should be commended.  It’s all an experience so true to the core of this culture that it’s tangible:  from the hunts, the tinies playing drums to the paper boat floats and beyond.  And the builds…well my goodness, they really are spectacular.  I wish the builds could remain for a couple of days without any shops so that the regions alone could be as fully appreciated as everything they hold.  Every year I tell myself I’ll explore the builds on the last couple of days of the Faire.  I hope to do that tomorrow or Monday, but if I’m distracted by more FFC vendor items, well, that’s a tradeoff I won’t mind. 

It’s all for such a vitally important purpose:  imagine a world without cancer.  Imagine.  Then put action into those imaginings.  Because as all of you and all of this proves again and again…dreams really can come true.

FFC Vendor Details (100% of the proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society)

  • Outfit: “Poison Ivy” by Elvina Ewing, creator of Caverna Obscura. (Comes fully loaded with claw hands, feet, leafy eyelashes, two skin variations – one with vines, one without – leg wraps, modesty top.) Ruins of Nu Orne sim.
  • Antlers:  “Portmanteau” in white by Vitani Jun, creator of [ni.ju].  (Comes fully loaded with multiple options for bead and antler colors, and antler texture of metal or no metal).  Ruins of Nu Orne Sim.
  • Wings:  from the FFC vendor item “Nightwish” (hair, horns, and wings) by Mirja Mills, creator of EMO-tions. Shifting Sands Sim
  • Eyes:  “Reflections from the deep” by Ethereal Faerye, creator of Lost in Starnight.  Siren’s Secret sim.
  • Skin:  “Ethereal Char” by Violette Larkham, creator of Favourite Genes.  Siren’s Secret sim.
  • Eyeliner tattoo:  “Leaf makeup” by Ophelia Dayafter, creator of Elysium.  Shifting Sands sim.

Items not FFC vendor creations but glorious finds!

  • Dress:  “Gossamer” in iridescent by Kerryth Tarantal, creator of Spyralle.  Shifting Sands sim.
  • Hair:  “Teeloh” (mesh and free Fantasy Faire 2012 low lag hair and skin kit) by MissAllSunday Lemon, creator of Wasabi Pills. Available throughout the regions.  Wasabi Pills is located in The Tides sim.

Fantasy Faire — Emissaries of Light & Darkness

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The Fantasy Faire lets loose its armies in the fight to find a cure.  Emissaries take many forms.  For this post, very very wonderful and uber talented friend Dale and I chose those that are flipside of the same coin:  Light and Darkness.  Both working together in this most noble of crusades.  The crusade of hope, strength, courage, healing, love, joy, health, determination, focus, community.

(wonderful photo by Dale)

With only two days of the faire remaining, now is the time of the Deep Breath before the plunge.  (Yes, Pippin.)  We have all joined arms, contributed at such an astounding level, marveled at the incredible builds and creations, seen many wonderful things. 

(another wonderful photo by Dale)

Just last evening, Dale and I teleported nearly right on top of a GIANT avatar in The Tides sim.  She towered over everything, shifting her weight, blinking her glow eyes and looking down upon the near pileup of avatars at the landing point.  Everyone gaped at the GIANT.  Dale and I thought she was a statue at first.  I felt like a newborn again, staring in wonder at this amazing world.  More than five years later of indescribable heart and in the midst of such amazing convinction that the Fantasy Faire always creates, I smile in such wordless gratefulness at the incredible spirit here. 

Take a deep breath, draw your spirits up even higher, even more powerfully, and plunge into the Fantasy Faire tonight and over the two remaining days.  With every purchase from a FFC vendor, shout those battle cries of hope and healing.  Storm the Faire grounds.  Ring that bell loud and long.

FFC Vendor Details (100% of the proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society)

  • Dale’s Look:  “Black Guard II” (mens) from Raven Pennyfeather, creator of RFyre. (Comes fully loaded with various top and armor options.)  The Tides Sim
  • Michele’s Look:  “Feather Fairy” in white by Angel6 Susanti, creator of Angelwing. (Comes fully loaded, including a variation of wings that emits feathers squeee!)  Meandervale Sim.
  • Hair:  “Amandine” in white (fantasy pack) from Mirja Mills, creator of EMO-tions. Shifting Sands Sim

Items not at the Faire and not FFC vendor creations but glorious finds!

  • Dale’s skin and hair base:  “Rafael Fantasy” in fire by Lulu Jameson, creator of Vaya Con Dios
  • Dale’s horns:  “Intercessor: Deviance (ridged)” in red by Ruina Kessel, creator of {Rue}