Fantasy Faire ~ The Way of the Stars

Fantasy Faire 2016:  FF officials share that the sims remain open Monday and Tuesday and will likely roll back into the mists sometime Wednesday, May 4th.  Be There Now.


I don’t even have the words to describe my feelings about this year’s Fantasy Faire.  I really don’t.  It was simply astounding.

Amazing souls.  Amazing tribe.

Somewhere at the end of the utterly incredible event – and I *do mean* incredible – with it’s mindbogglingly — and I *do mean* that as well — incredible Live Auction, this Tribe broke down the barrier to 7 million lindens raised.  (With the Live Auction amounts yet to be reflected into the official count.)  The Fairelanders reached that and honestly, so very much more.  Every single amazing soul has reached into beautiful individual lives in such a compelling, positive way that simply cannot be described. So I won’t even try.


I write this just flooded with feelings.  And with knowing that though the Sun sets now and the Stars light upon the mists of the Fairelands, these glorious lands with these amazing generous beings will rise again.  Until it does…truth be told, even when it does…together we will all rise with it and shine on.

Each and every day.






Day 9 ~ Courage & Hope Extended

How Fantasy Faire Counts:   Now, more than $4.9 million Lindens raised!!

Fantasy Faire 2016 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands

When it comes to the Pawlice, you never know just what’s going to happen.  I tp’d into a funny time at The Golden Delta just as a *wild* jail and bail was underway, one that included a particle show bust-out by Golden Delta Sim builder and sponsor Alia Baroque.  The Grand Finale?  Why, a bit of Tiny-flavored RiverDance, but of course!

All that I’ve got to say to that is:  WAFFLES!

















Day 8 ~ Climb Extended

Fantasy Faire 2016 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands 

These, photos from the lovely Otherworld sim that continually reveals itself in surprising ways (Otherworld by Elicio Ember; SIM Sponsor Cerridwen’s Cauldron Elicio Ember).







Fantasy Faire of Epic Proportions

Fantasy Faire 2013 slurls and urls


A Look from the Fairelands

Mesh!  Here I am in the first of some mesh items many creators have placed in their RFL vendors at the Fantasy Faire.  So far, I’m really liking how it fits.  I typically don’t have a great deal of luck with mesh, sadly…but so far so good!  And it doesn’t hurt that Evangaline Miles always creates such ethereal glorious pieces.  Her RFL fae outfit is no exception.  I mashed up the look by adding beautiful wings, another RFL item, from Jade Winthorpe of Epic.  Epic wings have been a long-time favorite in my closet.  They are so sparkling and playful.  In fact, downright magical, which is what the entire Fantasy Faire is from start to finish.  It’s Day 2 with goals already being met and surpassed.  Let’s not let-up…oh no, let us keep on charging on, forward ever closer to that cure.   Scroll down for Fashion Info and Fantasy Faire slurls and see you there!

ffc 2013 evi outfit epic wings_005

ffc 2013 evi outfit epic wings_004

ffc 2013 evi outfit epic wings_001

Fashion Info

100% of the proceeds for these outfits goes to the fight to eradicate cancer:

  • Outfit:    “Dyisi” (shown in red, medium) from Evangeline Miles of Evie’s Closet.  Magnificat sim.
  • Wings:  *Epic* Fairy Sparkle Dream Wings {Purple} from Jade Winthorpe of Epic.   Ravenshard sim.

Fashion items not from the Fantasy Faire:

  • Hair:   Rainbow cotton Blue  Komari Mai of BC322 Skull&Bones
  • Skin:  Akeruka Giorgia Light Group Gift from Agony Helse of Akeruka
  • Eyes:  ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Aqua (L) from Ikon Innova of IKON
  • Socks:  Happy Socks- blue from Steffy Ghost of Jack Spoon
  • Shoes:  Jolie Extreme Ballet Pointe Base from Siddean Munro of Slink
  • Face tattoo:  Haila Tattoo [Face] :// Complex Full DOT 70 from Aikea Rieko of The Plastik
  • Ears:  *6DOO* wakka elf ears B left color:medium,light (I recolored these) from ondo Mode of *6DOO*

C i c a

After reading Honour McMillan’s post on the LEA Arts Festival, I got bitten by the travelling bug.  So far, I’ve made it to all of one of the exhibits:  C i c a.  I’m utterly fascinated by this exhibit…and I realize I’m probably a late visitor here.  If, like me, you didn’t know about C i c a, and if you like to sketch — or even if you don’t sketch — you *must* visit C i c a.  It’s mesmerizing.  It’s wild.  It’s an installation the type of which I haven’t seen before inworld.  I tried to capture it in pictures, but really the photos don’t do the build justice.  Follow Honour’s advice and check it out in person.  Once there, you’ll step into and through a “living” sketch and experience yet another interpretation of a world within the world within our world.


Santa Fe New Media Festival

Today is the last day to visit wonderful builds in the Santa Fe International New Media Festival.  See Honour McMillian’s always wonderful weblog coverage of this build and other must-see inworld builds.  Yesterday, I visited two of the three builds Honour lists in that entry (“Almost Flat Land” and “Virginia Alone“), and am about to dash inworld to visit the third.  But I’m writing this post now in case any readers see this entry and find themselves wanting to check out the builds in the few hours that remain.   To give a feel for the builds created by these wonderful artists, here is a gallery of photos I took yesterday:

I admit I didn’t take as many photos of “Almost Flat Land.”  That’s because I picked up “New Dawn” — a gorgeous gown that is the current group gift from Poulet Koenkamp, creator of PurpleMoon — and I found myself modelling the gown in the very lush light and setting of Tyrehl Byk’s build.

Our world has just so many beautiful creations to see and to wear, doesn’t it, though?!

Where I found my Ivory Tower

Bit by bit, I’m checking the Destination Guide and exploring some of the sims listed there.  The other day, I dropped in on the art installation “Where I found my Ivory Tower.”  The artist happened to be there.

I think she was tweaking the exhibit at that time, but she was friendly enough to stop and chat ever so briefly before she went back to creating and I went forth to explore her work.  It’s a fascinating exhibit, with lots of depth and complexity and surprising interactions.  I believe this exhibit has two days remaining so if you haven’t already, do head over and check it out.  For some reason I can’t get the slideshow to work but here’s a gallery of some of the images I took when I visited the exhibit.  It’s really worth seeing…but be quick about it with only 2 days remaining!