Chasing Ideas

I’ve been running in circles for an entry for the Single Frame Stories prompt “getaway.”  It’s made all the more challenging for me because I don’t have building skills, set design setup skills, or photoshop skills (beyond applying filters).  The original ideas I had didn’t translate — at least I couldn’t make them translate.  I was trying to capture something along the lines of not being able to outrun ourselves.  It seemed much more compelling in my head than I could produce in the image.  But incredibly wonderful and v v good friend Dale shared his interpretation of this image that really is quite creative, clever, and fun.  It’s me, the model, running off frame away from the artistic frustration around this single frame story photo shoot.   Very ironic and clever, thank you so much Dale for putting a great interpretation to this composition.

Wish I could say I came up with the meaning in this picture…I didn’t but I do love it.  Thank you, Dale! 🙂  My entry — with a huge assist from Dale — for this week’s Single Frame Story prompt “getaway” is entitled “Fleeing the SFS Paparazzi.”

sfs getaway