Fantasy Faire…


When the Sun also sets, we hold to the knowledge that it will rise again.

It’s so difficult to imagine that this is the very last day of the Fantasy Faire.  How it comes and goes at breathtaking speeds.  But the constant is the amazing generosity and caring.  Imagine a record-breaking tally of 8 million lindens after yesterday’s Live Auction.  And still I have no doubt that the total continues to grow and will do so until the very last hour.

I’m in awe of this Tribe.

I thought I could say something eloquent but in all honesty, no matter how I try to put the words together, they just don’t come close to reflecting the incredible heart and soul of this group.  All I can say to all the Faire organizers, artists, creatives, participants, everyone who brings this amazing amazing event to us every year, well, all I can say is a genuinely heartfelt Thank You.  Thank You.  Thank You.

So very much…