Occupy Our Minds

Came across this wonderfully created video on Occupy Chicago.   So wonderful to see lethargy breaking away.  Here’s hoping a clear call to action is articulated to, dare I say, capitalize on all this peaceful energy and momentum generated by Occupy Everything.  Wild, fascinating times we live in…

360 Moments in Freeze Frame

Okay…editorial correction.  “360” should be “365.”  The “360” subliminal typo could be a reflection of how fast everything is now that somehow the days in the year feel shorter, or it could be “360” as in full circle.

I came across a 360-day photo project, only this one happened in the atomic world.   Jonathan Harris started this project on his 30th birthday and celebrated that milestone year with a photo a day along with a twitter-esque character-count story for each photo.  Here’s his website.  Here’s his video of the final product.  I’m not wild about the music he chose, but his photos are beautiful, some provoke a stronger reaction than others.  And his reflection on the project and experience is insightful and telling (presented by way of my interpretation of his words):  Lasting memory.  To make a mark in the moment and beyond.  To not be forgotten.  Immersion.  To really notice and live into the fullness of the day.  Creative pressures.  Reflection.  Being.  The realization that the more you think you know, the less you really do know.

His video is 8 minutes or so in length…overall, I’d say that’s a pretty rapid year.   One that serves as an inspiration for all of us to think about journaling life in this type of way.  A photo a day.

The Futility of Predictions

…particularly, when we live in a world where “we can’t anticipate what the economy will look like next week.”  I paraphrased that last bit (and, admittedly, out of context yet) from this video of Sir Ken Robinson’s discussion about uprooting the current model for education.   He talks again about the disconnection of our times:  how we live in a world of exponential change and yet we still view life through mental models geared for the industrial age.  His focus in this piece is on the education sytem.  He shares some controversial views and some fascinating views in an attempt to challenge much of what we “know to be so” and encourages us to create from a place where we don’t necessarily know things to be so…in other words, from a place not so entrenched with practices built for a past-age.  A much more difficult place to be reactive about – a much more natural place to be creative with – since it’s not quite as grounded in the past.

The 11 minute video is a visually and intellectually engaging piece.

Doll Face by Andrew Huang

 I just came across the “Doll Face” short film (from a posting in Facebook), which I understand went viral on YouTube in 2008.  I hadn’t seen Andrew Huang’s work before.   “Doll Face” is a powerfully compelling and hauntingly thought-provoking exploration of virtual identity well worth revisiting or seeing for the first time.  

The short film plays with the highest clarity from Huang’s beautiful website; for the sake of expediency, the YouTube version follows:


A Smoldering Jewerly Installation

Primal Elegance … a Jewelry Installation


What an incredibly hot and popular jewelry installation! 

“Primal Elegance” featured 12 gorgeous creations, four each from three exciting new jewelry lines:  Cocoon Jewelry (creator Yoona Mayo), Eclectica Jewellery (creator Tiffy Vella), and Sable Rose (creator Rosie Barthelmess).   Here’s a very brief glimpse (to be followed soon with another post that has more images).  I hope the images compel you to visit these wonderful new creators in their Shengri La shops. 


[clearspring_widget title=”Animoto.com” wid=”46928cc51133af17″ pid=”4a0f0e6805e188d5″ width=”432″ height=”240″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]

The 12 gorgeous models who so generously volunteered their time and support looked smoking hot, both in the sumptuous jewelry and the smoldering set.  (Apparently, it’s too hot for the animoto tool because it won’t display more than six images, but I’ll soon do another post with static images.  Also be on the lookout for what will be a wonderful machinima from Shenlei, which will soon be uploaded onto her Utopian Micronation blog.)

The set for “Primal Elegance” and the entire event was masterfully conceived, designed, and hosted by Shenlei Flasheart, CEO of the Fashion Research Institute and creator of the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace.  Everyone was bowled over by Shenlei’s concept for this show as much as by the gorgeous jewelry pieces.  “Primal Elegance” was so wildly popular that it maxed out the sim in terms of avatar presence, ran a full hour over its end time to accommodate the overflowing stream of attendees, and generated non-stop buzz in the chat windows of several fashion groups.  The concept and the jewelry were absolutely on fire together.

Cocoon Jewelry, Eclectica Jewellery, and Sable Rose all have shops in Shengri La.  Please do make a point to visit their shops and check out the amazing talents of these three creative designers.  Gauging by this wildly successful show, you won’t be disappointed. 

Thankful Acknowledgements:  Although I work with Shenlei and curate the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace, I enjoyed the priviledge of modelling in this show.  Like Shenlei, I so love helping talented, new creatives who are also genuinely nice people.  And to that end, let me express genuine gratitude to my fellow models, the wonderful individuals who volunteered their time in support of Yoona, Tiffy, and Rosie:  Callipygian ChristensenHarper  Beresford, Chestnut Rau, IndiaRose Muircastle, Patricia Anne Daviau, DZ Questi, Carabella Babii, Georgianna Blackburn, and Jaydie Sapeur; as well as three other wonderful volunteers who were at the ready to help out if other models crashed:  Dede, Vahari, and Ahuva.  Thank you all!


Op zoek naar Maria – Dans in het Centraal Station van Antwerpen

(Looking for Maria – Dance in the Central Station of Antwerp)


This is the first time I’ve seen this and what a joy!  Look at what some Adults do!  Planned or spontaneous or both, who cares.  From any way you look at it, *wow!* the power of collaboration and community.  Of all sorts and with all types of persons, all ages.  In all worlds. 

A good reminder that, eh, LL?  So, LL?  Let’s start from the very beginning…