Up close and personal

I’ve not forgotten about this series.

upclose and personal 7

Many many thanks to very very wonderful friend and collaborator Dale.



It’s not easy being green

Before my machine realizes that it’s cooperating and abruptly remembers to crash, here’s my entry for this week’s single frame story prompt “running scared.”  It’s entitled “it’s not easy being green”  Now excuse me while I run off quite scared of an impeding computer malfunction.

sfs running scared

Shrug This

For the current Single Frame Story prompt “stream,” I go on a bit of a pictorial rant about BIG DATA, the latest marketing buzz phrase that involves sifting through every grain of our digital stream to in effect box in identities and personalities.

I am not at all a fan of what Seth Godin calls “rearview window analysis,” which presumes the past will equal the future.  In fact BIG DATA insists upon a leaning backwards until it becomes an outright push down that slippery slope.   At least that’s my gut reaction to it.  And while I wanted to go on a text-based rant about BIG DATA (and maybe one day I still will), Seth Godin’s post on it says it better than I could.   (He also includes a link to a simultaneously fascinating and alarming NYT article on the intersection of BIG DATA and script writing.)   I really love the title of his post:  “Perhaps you could just make something awesome instead.”

The photo I created is far from awesome, but it reflects my feelings about this topic pretty well.  It’s entitled “Shrug This Lifestream.”

sfs stream Big Data Little Soul

Love Donna Flora

Please participate in this incredibly wonderful and important event — the “Love Donna Flora” fundraiser — in support of Squinternet Larnia, Warrior, Creator, Beautiful Soul, Champion.


The perfectly named “Love Donna Flora” event opened on July 25th @ 12:01 AM and closes at midnight on August 11th.  More than 100 creators feature works especially for this event.  The proceeds go to Squinternet Larnia, the amazing and talented soul in our community who has delighted and dazzled all of us with her generous spirit and breathtakingly gorgeous Donna Flora creations.  Let’s return the favor to Squinternet by linking arms, hearts, and minds and helping her in this battle.   If any community can genuinely help it’s ours.  Please read the About tab on the Love Donna Flora website for more information about Squinternet’s battle and how you can make a genuine difference.




Fashion Details – The “Love Donna Flora” fundraiser

  • Hair:  “Hope” in platinum (blonde pack) from Azure Electricteeth of -LaViere-
  • Gown:  Sirina  Lace and Feather gown from Carrie Snowpaw of Snowpaws
  • Pose sets featured:  “the 1920s,” “the 1930s” and “Ziegfeld’s”, respectively from Olaenka Chesnokov of  oOo Studio
  • Bracelets and earrings (not at the Love Donna Flora event):  Rhapsody in blue from Tiffy Vella of Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements

Sticks and Stones … Breaking the Fourth Wall

Just under the wire, here’s my second entry for the Single Frame Story prompt “wall” (extended over two weeks, this being the second of those two weeks, so get your posts in!).

I appear to be stuck on a concept, that of breaking the fourth wall.  This image captures my digital hand reaching into the digital world but from the vantage point of the atomic world.   It’s entitled “Sticks and Stones … Breaking the Fourth Wall.”

sfs wall sticks and stones

Loading Imagination…

This week’s Single Frame Story prompt — “creativity” — pushed me to the brink.   As one of the great mysteries, creativity evades capture and defies definition.    At the same time, it seems to flourish with some kind of structure…even if that structure belies the tangible and arrives on the wings of a sometimes fickle Muse.    But the other truth is that Magic permeates everything, particularly when we take a break from the routine of things and actively acknowledge the amazingness of life…including the process of artistic creation.  My process seems to challenge me to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.   I’m still working on that, but it’s really almost a forced-march at this point because as usual  I began with an idea that morphed into something else altogether.  So here I give to you my entry for the Single Frame Story prompt “creativity.”  It’s a semi-long way from what I originally envisioned (the constant is the login lifeline), but I’m pleased with it still.  It’s entitled “Loading Imagination.”

sfs creativity

If I’m not mistaken, SL10B launches Sunday so get your entries in today!  I can’t wait to view all of the wonderfully creative projects — including the imaginative works in the Single Frame Story exhibit — that so very many amazing and talented souls from our inworld community contributed to this event.  See you there!

Tattoo You

This week’s Single Frame Story prompt (per the weblog of the same name) is “Identity.”  I’ve missed a few weeks of SFS challenges because the Fantasy Faire was here and I am a Fantasy Faire devotee, like so many others.  I also promised myself that I would (will) write this summer.  I’ve started that process (always painful), have jotted down some words (time-out to you, Internal Editor), and have also run smack dab into writer’s block (otherwise known as Avoidance).

This brings me full circle to SFS challenges, which come now with a new twist as per Whiskey on the weblog:

…Single Frame Stories will have an exhibit on the SL10B birthday sim, and that means we need your stories to add to the display.

The birthday celebration officially opens on June 16th. That gives us exactly three weeks to work on stories to feature in our build. I’ll create the display build, and you all tell the stories. Deal?

For these next 3 challenges only, I’ll be asking for a new format for your stories. Please submit your stories in Landscape orientation only, so that our display can be cohesive. The prompts will be a series of words that describe just some of the reasons we are in Second Life…

So for these next 3 prompts (issued one per week) we have 3 weeks to develop them.

I know I will do this first prompt over again.  I’m not quite happy with it, but I am really trying to not allow perfect to be the enemy of the good.  My internal editor just needs to really pipe down.  She’s there, in the image.  About midway between my right ear and my chin, wearing a black skirt, white shirt, black corset.  She’s the Dominatrix Librarian, rubbing elbows against the child in me, the imaginative fae in me.  She’s always trying to find a way to give herself Voice.  Thankfully she’s not *on* my lips…but she’s close enough.

Anyway, my entry for the “Identity” prompt is entitled “Tattoo You.”  The image attempts to reflect the Giants Within.  Even though I can visualize how this might look, I have such a difficult time translating that thought into being.   My first attempt at it was what gave rise to my entry for the “switch” single frame story challenge.  My effort to depict personas that switch and meld together missed the mark in that image but I’m delighted that it was still visually interesting.

Kind of ironic – and appropriate – that an image conveying Identity would be somewhat amorphous, somewhat challenging to capture.

tattoo you1