Fantasy Faire 2022 slurls and urls

In the Fairelands, every hour is beautiful. So are the gorgeous realms. And the beautiful creations. Even more beautiful, the chance to make a powerful difference. To honor loved ones, gone far too soon, and to support and help all beautiful warriors. Many of us have been there, on all counts, all the while holding the bravery and the cherished love always in our hearts. Always.

RFL items. Direct slurls are also in the FF 2022 Shopping Guide list of stores. Unless otherwise noted, the items listed below are from a RFL vendor and the proceeds go to the battle to eradicate cancer.

  • Skin (skin only; body chains and body armour are from other creators): DYNASTY Night from Fallen Gods during the Jail and Bail in the Opet realm by Alia Baroque.
  • Eyes: Happy Scale kitty eye from Oiche in the Living Echoes realm by Kadaj Yoshikawa and Janire Coba
  • Body gems (shown under the gown and not a RFL item): gem armor from Clover in the Doriath realm by by Sweetgwendoline Bailey and Mondi Beaumont.
  • Gown (not a RFL item and does not include chain belt):  Ivanka in silver from AtaMe in the Opet realm by Alia Baroque.
  • Shoulder armor (not a RFL item): Ivanka in brass from AtaMe in the Opet realm by Alia Baroque.
  • Faun horns: Puck in gold from E.V.E. in the Carnelian Archive by Nix Marabana.
  • Body lights (not a RFL item): fae embers from ::Static:: in the Bassett Town realm by Walton Wainwright.
  • Photo Location:  Chrysalis Gardens by Marcus Inkpen.
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