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Fantasy Faire … the Way of the Sun


The Way of the Sun…a brilliant, shining star that endures.  That is so the way of this incredible tribe of amazing souls who together breathe such glorious life into the Fantasy Faire year after year.  As is tradition, I am sitting in the Live Auction on Poseidon’s Abyss which is packed to the gills with 77 persons still contributing, still creating magic.   As on the first day, as on the closing day, as on every day to come.

So far, well in excess of L$ 6.7 million has been raised in the fight to eradicate cancer…that’s more than $27,000 USD. What does one say to that?  ***UPDATE at the close of the Live Auction, the final tally is more than L$ 7.5 million!  And my word…ALL of Second Life Relay for Life events have brought in over $175,000USD! WOWOW!!*** As one who has been impacted by cancer as is true for so many of us if not all of us in one way or another, all I can think to say is a heart-felt “Thank you all so sincerely thank you.  I so love this tribe.”

Keep the magic going strong, my kin-folk.  See you in the Fairelands when next we rise in glorious brilliance yet again.


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