Day 5 ~ Five

Fantasy Faire 2018 slurls and urls


A Look from the Fairelands (details and slurls after the pictures)


As is tradition, I’m nearly a day late, but the Fairelands is pushing its lindens upward and closing in on the 5 million linden mark on this, the 5th Day of the Fairelands!  Let’s get this done and keep getting it done until cancer is finally done and over with.

Onward and ever Upward, Upward, Upward, Fellow Fairelanders!





Fashion Details (100% of RFL vendor items goes to the fight to eradicate cancer). 

Fantasy Faire Shopping Catalogue

  • Gown:  Osonia in green from SAKIDE.   (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)
  • Crown:   Histrya in gold from Lyrical Bizarre Templates.   (Location in Tiny Town)
  • Necklace:  Niobium Silumira from Illusions.  (Location in Pools of Ethuil)
  • Wings:  Natural wings in earth from Les Encantades.  (Location in The Willows of Nienna)
  • Photo Location:   Ardessa




Rise, Fairelanders. Stir the Heart.


Fantasy Faire 2018 Sims Open again on 4/19

Fantasy Faire 2018 slurls and urls: 

15 sims, a quest, story telling, lit fest, performances, entertainment, role play, cherished camaraderie and so much more. 1 focus:  to eradicate cancer from all worlds in fellowship, through love.  Let’s get our Warriors On.





By Saiyge Lotus


Aetherea (Alia Baroque)
The Immortal embrace where everyone is, where anyone can be and exist, Aetherea is beyond a touch and within reach, she’s a dance of whisps and a vision for an ascended eternal space of time and spirituality.



Fallen Gods Inc. (Location in Aetherea)


A Fantasy Creators Collective (Location in Aetherea)*

alpha.tribe (Location in Aetherea)

Artisan Fantasy & On A Lark (Location in Aetherea)

Balderdash (Location in Aetherea)

Banana Banshee & The Crystal Clothing Co. (Location in Aetherea)

Bare Rose (Location in Aetherea)

Boudoir (Location in Aetherea)

Cubic Cherry & FAIDA & Velvet Whip (Location in Aetherea)

House of RFyre (Location in Aetherea)

Kio-Kio (Location in Aetherea)

Lacrime dell’anima (Location in Aetherea)

Mermaid Treasure Boutique (Location in Aetherea)

Musa (Location in Aetherea)

Rivendale (Location in Aetherea)

Silvan Moon Designs (Location in Aetherea)*

.:Soul:. (Location in Aetherea)

Stargazer (Location in Aetherea)

**Tir Na Nog** (Location in Aetherea)

Wasabi Pills (Location in Aetherea)

VENGE (Location in Aetherea)


Erstwhile (Marcus Inkpen/Sharni Azalee)
A close look here sees walkways, docks… a skyport in the bowl of an enormous crater, wrought from a technology so advanced that it will forever seem ancient. From here, merchants in scarabesque vessels ply their trade between the worlds, between realities. But step back; let the sunlight gleam from the opalescent hulls and they become as petals, the brass and iron of the walkways become stems, to the structures that hold it all together: a magnificent flower, shining in the crater’s embrace. In the middle of it all, a bright light streaks upwards, the connection to those other realities by which these ships journey to places as yet undreamed. This is the gateway of now. The launching off point for those brave souls that are truly ready for the future.

Shopping Catalogue


The Looking Glass (Location in Erstwhile)


Air (Location in Erstwhile)

*Amaranthus* (Location in Erstwhile)

The Annex (Location in Erstwhile)

Ashbourne & Co. Fine Jewellers (Location in Erstwhile)

Bliensen + MaiTai & Anteater Emporium (Location in Erstwhile)

[CIRCA] Living (Location in Erstwhile)

Cole’s Corner (Location in Erstwhile)

EED Home&Garden (Location in Erstwhile)

E.V.E (Location in Erstwhile)*

NEWCHURCH (Location in Erstwhile)

%Percent Furniture & Lighting (Location in Erstwhile)

Raven Bell (Location in Erstwhile)

Scrap (Location in Erstwhile)

[Seydr] (Location in Erstwhile)

SouthSide Modeling (Location in Erstwhile)

Stone’s Works (Location in Erstwhile)

SWANK & Firelight & StoraxTree &{ wren’s nest } & Zuri Jewelry (Location in Erstwhile)*

[][]Trap[][] (Location in Erstwhile)


Falls of Hope (Sweetgwendoline Bailey/Eldowyn Inshan)
Cliffs rise high above, with bridges to provide a path for travellers between the caves that have been adopted by intrepid traders. Around them, waterfalls and plants that hang towards the floor where, again, more caves provide a home for delights brought by travellers from far away. The whole, then, becomes a rising gallery of water and vegetation, lush and tranquil.

Shopping Catalogue


Merchants of Dreams (Location in Falls of Hope)


{Acios} (Location in Falls of Hope)

Adorably Strange Wares (Location in Falls of Hope)

Analog Dog Hair (Location in Falls of Hope)

Bad Katz (Location in Falls of Hope)

BLD (Location in Falls of Hope)

ChiMia (Location in Falls of Hope)

[Drakes] (Location in Falls of Hope)

Emerald Hurst (Location in Falls of Hope)

Faeline Fairy (Location in Falls of Hope)

Fantasy China (Location in Falls of Hope)

Fuubutsu Dou (Location in Falls of Hope)

Infinity (Location in Falls of Hope)

Jewelry by Jake (Location in Falls of Hope)

.:* LOULOU&CO *:. (Location in Falls of Hope)

MishMash Fusion (Location in Falls of Hope)

Poet’s Heart &  ::Bite&Claw:: (Location in Falls of Hope)

~Soraida~ & Ro’s Mermaids (Location in Falls of Hope)

Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions (Location in Falls of Hope)


The Halls of Story (Elicio Ember) 
Once upon a time there was a race of ancient beings, older than humans, older than dwarves, some say even older than the elves and the folk. These beings were story-tellers and song-singers, their songs and stories shaped many cultures. This is their Hall. Here they gathered many of their tales. Some were light and happy, some were sad, some were dark. Some were even dangerous. As the aeons passed, these beings faded into story themselves, and the hall fell silent and in the end, it was forgotten. It was the Elves who found it anew, restored it, and opened it and its tales to all races and realms. Since then, the Halls of Story have gathered tales from many times, races, and places, and some say…even many realities. Welcome to the Halls of Story.

The Halls of Story is where the Literary Festival of this year takes place.  It also features the docks for the dragon-borne party ship Fairechylde, where the Fairelanders gather to dance the night away!

Literary Festival | Live at the Fairechylde


The Willows of Nienna (Kilik Lekvoda)
Willows weep into the waters of time poured out by Nienna, the Lady of Compassion, who rules this land, a place of rest where travelers come to find comfort in grief. Here in her tranquil garden of tears, Nienna teaches the endurance of the spirit and the power of hope and time to heal.

Shopping Catalogue


Titans & Solarium (Location in The Willows of Nienna)


3rd Eye Perceptions (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

An Lema (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Aphrodite Shop (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Cerridwen’s Cauldron (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

!dM deviousMind (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Elven Forest (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

[EvelineInTheBox] & Mistique (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Feyline Fashions (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

HarshLands (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Last Ride (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Les Encantades (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Lunar Seasonal Designs (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

The Olde Attic (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

.:Partners in Crime:. (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Scarlet Fey (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Senzafine & The Muses & Astrae Cosmetics (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Simply Shelby (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Star Journey (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

~TIDAL~ (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Zombie Suicide (Location in The Willows of Nienna)


Day 9 ~ Soaring

Fantasy Faire 2017 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands (details and slurls after the pictures)


Day 9 post on mid-day 10!  I’m kinda a day late, but we are not dollars short in this great fight to defeat cancer.  As of this writing, total lindens raised have pushed past the 6 million mark, or more than $23K USD!

And wow…I hear tell from the Fairelands Radio that SL RLF events in total have raised over $3 million USD since the inception of RFL events inworld!  Astounding…just astounding.

So what say ye…what can we do in the Fairelands hours that remain, a day and a half or so all told?  Why, only more wondrous things!  See you now, gorgeous amazing Fairelanders.  See you here, in the glorious spirited Fairelands!




Fashion Details (100% of RFL vendor items goes to the fight to eradicate cancer). 

Official FF List of Stores in Alpha Order and with FF sim locations

  • Eyes: Gauze Sin Eyes (Pride) from Gauze
  • Gown, hair piece, headdress (not including horns), wings: Nature’s beautiful imperfection from Beyond Persuasion
  • Hand particles: Trail of Stars from Spyralle

Day 8 ~ Super Nova

Fantasy Faire 2017 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands (details and slurls after the pictures)


Fast and furious!  This is my Day 8 post, posted toward the end of Day 9!  Explode like a SuperNova into the Fairelands and let’s continue to trip the RFL vendor lights fantastic!  More than 5.6 million lindens raised so far, the equivalent of over $21K USD.  Onward!  Upward!  Let’s SOAR!






Fashion Details (100% of RFL vendor items goes to the fight to eradicate cancer). 

Official FF List of Stores in Alpha Order and with FF sim locations

  • Headdress: Nova Helm from Trap
  • Outfit: Light and Shade in Lavender from Entice
  • Skin: Ceredil (in SE Espresso) from Soul

Day 7 ~ Galadriel (Tolkien Day)

Fantasy Faire 2017 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands (details and slurls after the pictures)


Today the Fairelands celebrate J. R. R. Tolkien and his wildly absurd talents.  (The Hobbit was originally published in 1937 (!) and LOTR originally published in 1954 (!)

Let that sink in.  Wild-mad brilliance for the Ages, just like all of his characters – yet for me the one I’ve chosen to convey today is one of the most fair of any throughout all of Tolkien’s incredible lands.

Galadriel is her name and so aptly named.  As it turns out, the name “Galadriel,” Tolkien’s most beautiful of the Noble Elves, carries a meaning just as glorious:   “maiden crowned with a radiant garland” in Sindarin. Galadriel was a Noldorin elf princess renowned for her beauty and wisdom in J. R. R. Tolkien’s novels. The elements are galad “radiant” and riel “garlanded maiden”.  Alatáriel is the Quenya form of her name.”  (This from a neat site “Behind the Name:  Tolkien’s Characters” ).

She was fairly magical, Galadriel.  Likely one of the Eagles.  Always Present.  Always of Light and Courage and Love…just like everyone in these Fairelands.

On this day, in honor of that masterful worlds creator, get your Tolkien on:  be it dragon, hobbit, Ent, Elf, Wizard, Orc, dwarf, or any of the magnificent beings bringing his works to life.  Just like we all bring the Fairelands to life in Fellowship, each and every year.  Fly thee now!  Fly thee high and true!  Be Here Now in grand Fellowship of these glorious Fairelands and our quest to eradicate cancer from all worlds!







Fashion Details (100% of RFL vendor items goes to the fight to eradicate cancer). 

Official FF List of Stores in Alpha Order and with FF sim locations

  • Headdress: Be Light! from AiShA
  • Outfit: Datura from devoiusMind
  • Wings: Adara from The Little Bat (comes with color changing hud and cycle changing hud)
  • Body Tattoo:  Magical – Gold from Even Tide
  • Hand Particles: Trail of Stars from Spyralle
  • Eyes: Fae – Chloe mesh eyes from Banana Banshee
  • Photo location: The Spirit Pool Sim

Day 4 ~ Spreading our Wings

Fantasy Faire 2017 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands (details and slurls after the pictures)


We find ourselves nearing the Midsummer’s Eve of the Faire, now that just a bit over a third of this spectacular happening has, well, happened.  And spectacularly so!   As is always the case, all of the wonderful souls in this incredible community continue to spread our wings together with one focus, one purpose:  to eradicate cancer once and for all.  And we continue to make a huge impact.  As of this writing, just over 3.2 million lindens have been raised (more than $12,000 USD) and 7 days still remain.  So what can we accomplish together in 7 days?  Why…Life itself, wonderful wonderful Life.  Continue to spread your wings and fly onward Fellow Fairelanders.  Ring those Bells of Hope resoundingly into Life.  Slurls and details after the pics.




Fashion Details (100% of RFL vendor items goes to the fight to eradicate cancer)

  • Crown: Luna (Mad Queens collection) by Krystali Rabeni of LOVE.  Sim:  The Hill
  • Headchain2: Pearl Moon by Krystali Rabeni of LOVE.  Sim:  The Hill
  • Necklace:Draconis by Vixn Dagger of Vengeful Threads. Sim:  The Rose
  • Dress: Sophia by Catalina Staheli of Aleutia.  Sim:  The Hill
  • Wings: Ascendant by Spider Carnot of Spider Productions.   Sim:  Fallen Sands
  • Face and body tattoo: Pearlfin by Pixy Snook of Stix.  Sim:  Fallen Sands
  • Photo Location:  Opal Flight sim (Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis)

Day 3 – Triumph Extended

Fantasy Faire 2016 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands

…this time, a series of dance performances in the Sapphire Mirror Lake sim, with each beautifully executed throughout.  I am overly sleepy – gladly so – after a full day of storming the Fairelands and writing posts (soon to be published), and so will update this post tomorrow with credits, etc.  Good night, Worlds, sleep well!








A petite sitting next to me, and her tag indicates she’s a FF performer too!


me, plopping a squat in Otherworld before counting sheep