Evening 14 … Surprise

Fantasy Faire 2023 slurls and urls

Time speeds up. No time for words. Time for continued doings. And as always, for feeling. Per the Fairelands website, as of this early evening, we’re knocking at the door of L15,000,000. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the hours and now far too few days bring.

For Fantasy Faire merchant items, FF 2023 Shopping Guide is a great resource. As are the direct slurls to shops (listed in alpha order) in the Fairelands – an *incredible* resource.

  • Skin (photo 1): “Comedy” from Fallen Gods by Alia Baroque. Located in Opera, Alia Baroque, worldbuilder. *NOTE* This skin was an exclusive for the Jail ‘n Bail of Alia Baroque. Yes, I have been living in it. I do love it. Please note, it doesn’t come with the delicate floral tattoo I layered over it at the arms/shoulders.
  • Outfit (photo 1): “Lucia” suite (complete with belt, boots, jacket; does not include wings or my Taz sweet dragon-cat) from RFrye. Located in Opera, Alia Baroque, worldbuilder.
  • Crown (photo 1): “Diamon Crown” from Rainy Fay Creations.
  • Dinkie: “Dinkies Dragon” from Designs by Isaura (and available at mainstore I believe, but am not sure). Designs by Isaura Fairelands location: Flambois, Beq Janus & Elizabeth Jarvinen, worldbuilders.
  • Photo Location: Nova Nadiya, Elizabeth Tinsley, worldbuilder.

Click the direct slurls link (in the paragraph above the bulleted list) for direct ubers to each shop in the Fairelands.

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