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Fantasy Faire 2023 slurls and urls

One of the many wonderful things that I love about Fantasy Faire is the chance to wear an entirely different look.  How weird is that to say in a way, because that was largely the point of Second Life overall and something many of us oldbies loved to explore — different beings, different creatures — way back when. Way, way back when, I waddled around the grid as a carton on more than several occasions. It’s interesting how RL constructs tend to creep inworld over time and we fall into a “lane.” Fantasy Faire shakes that up, encourages a bit of chaos and playfulness, and reminds us to explore being a beginner again :). Even if that *beginner* look is wildly high tech.  And all while making a real and impactful difference that’s truly out of this world. (Per the Fairelands website, over L15,000,000 raised as of today! Inworld chat says we’re pushing up against L17,000,000, the equivalent of $68,000 USD!) Details after the pics.

For Fantasy Faire merchant items, FF 2023 Shopping Guide is a great resource. As are the direct slurls to shops (listed in alpha order) in the Fairelands – an *incredible* resource.

  • Head and Body: “House of Strife” from Somnium. Located in Szystrum Synod, Walton Wainwright, worldbuilder.
  • Crown: “Diamon Crown” from Rainy Fay Creations. Located in the Shimmering Fen, Elicio Ember, worldbuilder.
  • Shoulder pet: “Interactive Unicorn” in cornflower from So Silly Interactives. Located in Isles of Aquarius, EchoRayne Ayashi & Liz Corryong, worldbuilders.
  • Halo: Dominos Regalia (normal drapes) from [AERTH]. Located in Szystrum Synod, Walton Wainwright, worldbuilder.
  • Photo Location: Szystrum Synod, Walton Wainwright, worldbuilder.

Click the direct slurls link (in the paragraph above the bulleted list) for direct ubers to each shop in the Fairelands.

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