Day 10 ~ More Spectaculars

A Look from the Fairelands


More of the beautifully crafted…details and slurls below.   Do visit the Faireland sims before they fade back into the mist at the end of day tomorrow.  The builds are gorgeous.  Just as everyone’s heart and soul so beautifully are.  Onward, into these remaining hours for this year’s Fairelands.


Fashion details and slurls

100% of each RFL vendor item purchase goes to the fight to eradicate cancer.  My apologies if I don’t always list which items are RFL vendor items.  I’ll try my best to get that information when it’s not available …Not all review packs indicated the RFL items…everyone is moving fast and furious and that is wonderful!  

  • Odyssey sim.  Mer ensemble including skin:   Oceanica Atlantic in Ivory female from Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods
  • Tangleshimmer Grove sim.  Necklace (RFL item, I think but am not sure):  Mesh Lil Leaves Necklace with color changing HUD from Anastasia Domenici of That Chick
  • Ichie-Go Ichie-E sim.  Particles:  Love Spell Aura from ColeMarie Soleil of Cole’s Corner
  • Ichie-Go Ichie-E sim.  Elf ears:  ‘Creature’ version with color changing HUD (skin, jewels, and metals) from Tiffy Vella of Eclectica
  • Ichie-Go Ichie-E sim.  Armbands (RFL vendor item):  Fotia Armbands from Clarity Travesty of PoshTale
  • Spires of Andolys sim.  Bracelet (RFL vendor item):  Titania Bracelet – Gold from Jalynne Ohmai of Unrepentant

Fantasy Faire 2015 slurls and urls

Day 11 – Warriors All

 A Look from the Fairelands

warrior portrait

Day 11…the last day for this year’s Fantasy Faire.  I’m about to log inworld and spend the entire day taking in the Fairelands in an attempt to capture as much of the culture and experience as possible knowing full well that that spirit of fellowship and generosity, magic and possibilities lives in all of us in every moment.   I started my chronicle of this year’s Faireland by describing the wonderful generosity and artistry of several creators who took the time to chat with someone they didn’t know (me).   It’s fitting that my last Fantasy Faire fashion entry comes full circle on that note.

Destany Laval, creator of Unzipped, so incredibly generously shared her amazing  “Drache” armour ensemble and also wings to me.  I fell over in shock both because of Destany’s incredible generosity to a stranger and because of her incredible work.  I wear her impressive “Drache” wings in the Marilyn Fauna entry I posted a few days ago.  What’s not shown in that post is how those amazing wings span out and flap when you fly.  I discovered this quite accidentally (and delightedly) in an impromptu moment when I decided to fly briefly through the Fairelands.

As for Destany’s mindboggling artistry with her overall “Drache” ensemble, I wore this look several times, first because I was bowled over by the incredible detail and second because I wanted to make sure my photos of her amazing creation truly reflected its magnificence.  As very wonderful friend Dale said, the ensemble is really a wildly impressive work of art.  Early on when I met Destany just outside of her shop in the Asperatus sim, she shared with me that she created this design by hand on a tablet and that it took a year to get it just right and completed.   Destany also shared with me that she is an artist in the atomic world.  When you see “Drache” you find that the creation itself puts an exclamation mark at the end of that statement.  Destany is such an amazing artist.  “Drache” is simply a wildly gorgeous, intricate amazing work of art created by an amazing talent in both worlds.






I hope Destany doesn’t mind that I’ve come to view it as a warrior’s ensemble.  It so incredibly reflects the level of resolve and passion in all of us who so valiantly and so determinedly continue in the battle to win the day and eradicate cancer.

After logging from the Fantasy Faire last night (when the Paws of the Law had imprisoned Jessica Lyon and after I contributed a couple times to help meet the 100,000 linden bail), the total linden count generated during the Fantasy Faire logged somewhere in the 5 million linden neighborhood with more shopping and the live auction to come today.  Such amazing spirit, such amazing generosity, such amazing community and fellowship.  Who can’t be in awe of everyone , this event, the heart and soul, the creations and fellowships here?   All I can think to say is what I uttered in overwhelmed surprise to Destany when she shared her work with me:  Wow…simply a blown away wow…and thank you beyond words in these the last remaining hours of the Faire.  In truth, always.

Fashion details and slurls.  100% of each RFL vendor item purchase goes to the fight to eradicate cancer.

  • ASPERATUS sim.  Ensemble:  Drache Demon Armour Female from Destany Laval of Unzipped
  • Gold Headdress (at the Fantasy Gacha):  “Caprisci” (rare) from Pure Poison

Fantasy Faire 2014 slurls and urls


The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.  George Bernard Shaw

To the Uncommon Thinkers, all the subcultures and fantastical elements of Second Life.  Long may they live.

Beautiful and Bald

I saw a newsclip on “A New Bald Barbie” (see video within the article) as I walked on the treadmill during my lunch hour.    What a truly novel and fabulous idea of using Barbie to redefine notions of beauty or acceptance…this time making all of what Barbie respresents something hugely hugely positive and meaningful, instead of hugely disproportional. 

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