Day 10 ~ Resolve

Fantasy Faire 2018 slurls and urls

 A Look from the Fairelands (details and slurls after the pictures)


As is tradition, I am a day late yet again!  These pics are from Day 10, but today is Day 11, typically the last day of the glorious Fairelands.  Yet magic springs eternal here because yesterday The Fairelands Worldmakers displayed signs to announce that these Fairelands have been extended another week!  After last week’s Jail and Bail, methinks the Lindens quake in fear of the mighty Paws of the Law and generously granted another week to these magical lands.  So Day 11 upon us today and from what I see on the official weblog, total lindens raised so far are knocking on the 9 million linden mark and may have busted open that door, yay!  Yesterday’s events included the Masked Ball, which welcomed 70 Fairelanders on one sim, and two other huge hordes of grand souls on two other sims.  It was tricky to take pics of that event without crashing, but I managed to get one of two persons whose looks I just adore.  In truth everyone looked fantastic as always, I just found myself mesmerized by these two (last pic).  Wish I had details for those looks but I don’t…you bet I’ll swarm the Fairelands to see if I can discover them though…that is if I don’t get distracted by the amazing builds and multitude of things to do!  Another week!!!  HUZZAH!




Day 10 Story Well Arts and Dance Sim_014

Fashion Details (100% of RFL vendor items goes to the fight to eradicate cancer). 

Fantasy Faire Shopping Catalogue

  • Warrior Outfit (including helmet head and bow):  Intense Power outfit including leg harnesses, gloves, skirt, top, bow, helmet head from Bella Epoque.   This look is aptly named because it takes some *intense* playing of this gacha machine to get the helmet head (which is Rare).   Most definitely a cool look though.  Also this headwear is more than a helmet, it’s one piece that includes the mesh head specifically for this look.  (Location in Pools of Ethuil)
  • Particles:  Girl Power from Cole’s Corner.  (Location in Erstwhile)
  • Tattoo:  Naiad Scales in green from TIDAL.  (Location in The Willows of Nienna)
  • Photo Location:  Sanoria, The Story Well (last pic)