Moar Fashion!

Shortly after the always wonderful Fantasy Faire, I received an invitation from huge talent Yukio Ida to blog for Gauze .  I’m incredibly honored to have been invited and to be included.  Gauze is a brand name I recall from way back in my newbie days. A great deal has changed inworld since the great rez year of 2006.  But what I love about Gauze is how true everything about it remains to the fantastical…both the store build with its winding neon walkways in the air and the wonderful creations on display there.

One of these incredible items includes Yukio’s latest release “Fenrir.”  Originally featured at the Fantasy Faire, “Fenrir” is now available at the Gauze Twilight location only…just follow the blue pathway to the building with no roof, between Trap and Unpredictable, and it’s straight back behind the skins.  It’s also available in six new colorways:  blood, forest, gaia, mithril, rust, and twilight (my choice for this post).  I pair “Fenrir” here with the beautiful “Perenelle” gothic jewelry set (necklace and earrings) and glasses, both from dear friend and prolific talent Tiffy Vella of Eclectica Jewelry.  Head to Tiffy’s store at the World Goth Fair through June 1st to pick up these items, and after that time (or before and during!) check out all the gorgeous items at her store.  Tiffy’s creations are a marvel, truly.

Fantasy and Goth together?  Why not?  That’s another thing I love about SL…mixing and matching genres and cultures, changing things up, breaking the rules and creating a different perspective.  All in one look.  Why not indeed!