Star Mine

This time of year emphasizes the things that are important:  love, friendships, caring.  One of the other wonderful things that happens each year around this time is connecting with old friends who we may not see as much throughout the months.   Grand friend and soul Yoona Mayo reached out the other day to say hi, happy new year, and to share some of her latest creations.  I met Yoona 3 or so years ago through Shenlei Flasheart’s Shengri La Marketplace.  There, Shenlei worked with budding young designers to help them refine their craft.   And there, Yoona was an apprentice who from Day One was loaded with talent.   Yoona still has it in spades.  Hers is a preference and a patience for tiny prim work.  I mean tiny.  Generally, her earrings contain about 200-300 prims each.  When you see the exquisite design Yoona lavishes on each piece, it’s easy to understand why so many prims go into the creation.  What’s difficult to grasp is the talent required to come up with the vision in the first place, much less the incredible skill to bring it into life.  It truly boggles the mind.  Yet Yoona achieves this time and time again.  Over the next few entries, I’ll share some of Yoona’s amazing creations, as well as other jewelry finds I stumbled upon recently.  (I’ve also been waking up in stores alot lately!)  But for now, take in Yoona’s latest and I must say glorious earring and necklace set called “Star Mine.”  I do love this set.  It is regal.  It is elegant.  It is wildly, wildly gorgeous.  And it is ridiculously inexpensive for the amount of talent and work that Yoona puts into each piece.  No matter the cost, it’s worth it.  When you pick this up you’ll know immediately exactly what I mean.  This is craftsmanship sublime.   To get yours, take the limos at the end of this post.

Tuli and Yoona

Tuli and Yoona side



Fashion Details

  • Jewelry ensemble:  “Star Mine” in blue from Yoona Mayo of  Cocoon Jewelry .
  • Hair:  “Sassy 2” (mesh) in treacle (dark browns) from Truth Hawks of  Truth .
  • Eyes:  “Horizon Eyes” in Pale Caramel from Ikon Innovia of  IKON .
  • Skin:  “Helena – December 31st” from Tuli Asturias of Tuli, at The Dressing Room – Fusion .

Every little thing

Yoona Mayo, creator of Cocoon Jewelry, is a huge talent when it comes to working with the tiniest of prims, each of which she brings together to create jewelry pieces of astounding stature.   I’ve known Yoona for more than three years.  Over that time, her ability to fashion every little prim into a spectacular ensemble never ceases to amaze.  Her latest creation — “Peacock,” in white gold — demonstrates her massive talent with aplomb.  Consider the prim count in each piece:  153 prims in one earring; 250 prims in the bracelet; 251 prims in the necklace!   Each prim and the entirety of the ensemble are all utterly gorgeous.  I pair the set with a lush black gown from Poulet Koenkamp, creator of Purple Moon, and a delicious hat from the ever amazing Donna Flora collection, the entirety of which I just adore.

In the midst of these seasoned designers, Yoona’s creations hold up beautifully…and in color combinations and price points you just won’t believe for this incredible level of detail and quality.  When you purchase Cocoon jewelry and wear it, do appreciate its beauty.  But also take a moment to examine the prim count in each piece.  Zoom in close to see the extraordinary level of design and dimension in every element Yoona creates.  You’ll come away with an even deeper appreciation for her talent.  Like me, you’ll soon realize that every little jewelry thing Yoona does with the prim — by itself and when brought all together into the whole — is truly magic, indeed.

Fashion Details

  • Jewelry Ensemble (earrings, necklace, bracelet):  “Peacock” in red, currently available in gold tone with white gold tone soon to be released, from Yoona Mayo, creator of Cocoon Jewelry
  • Gown:  “Nine” gown (a recent group gift based on the “Pinktiki” gown) in black from Poulet Koenkamp, creator of Purple Moon
  • Headpiece:  “Blackpool” created by Squinternet Larnia, winner of BOSL Award 2011 – Best Jewelry Designer, and available at Donna Flora

Yukihana Jewelry from Cocoon

Yoona Mayo, the creator of Cocoon Jewelry, is an incredible prim-master.  “Yukihana,” her latest jewelry ensemble, is a masterwork in both design and craftsmanship.  This is an incredibly spectacular set that looks gorgeous on any skin tone.  Those many of us who marvel at Yoona’s amazing primwork and own several of her pieces know that she tends to favor a very warm gold metal in her pieces.  The thing I love about Yukihana is the rich balance of fire in the white and the gold and how beautifully the jewelry reads on all skin tones.  I’m not a fan of “typecasting” skin tones with metals.  Certainly, I realize some hues work better together than others, but I like to see the range and not leap to assumptions.  So I really appreciate it when the heat in the metal hits the sweet spot and reads  gorgeously across the skin spectrum.  And with Yoona’s creations, there’s the added bonus of just a spectacular design.  “Yukihana” reminds me of a magnificent phoenix rising.  It has such beautiful elegance and heat.  It glimmers on a soft peach skin tone (above).  It dazzles on a rich cocoa skin tone (next).

And it shares the same name as the winter dress ensemble recently created and released by Misteria Loon (that I posted about recently).  Not only do their latest offerings share the same name, but Yoona and Misty also share a very close, deep friendship together.  I’ve had the distinct joy of knowing them both for the past two years.  It’s been a real joy to watch them as they very naturally and openly help each other grow not only as individuals, not only in friendship, but also as artists.  Yoona shared with me that her intention was to create in “Yukihana” jewelry that reflected the elegant beauty in Misty’s “Yukihana” gown.  Without a doubt, they are an absolute perfect match together.

Head over to the Juliet sim where you will find both Cocoon (Yoona’s shop) and Pas De Deux (Misty’s shop) side by side and filled with the gorgeousness that “Yukihana” so very beautifully delivers.  Just like these two incredibly talented, genuinely nice and wonderful artists and friends.

Fashion details

“Yukihana” jewelry from Cocoon by Yoona Mayo, comes in diamond, and a number of gem colors from emerald, ruby to  topaz and just about everything in between.

“Yukihana” gown from Pas De Deux by Misteria Loon is also in the Juliet sim, next door to Cocoon.  You’ll find the vendor outside  and on the right side of the entrance on the building facade itself.

Beauty in Abundance

Strawberry’s third weekly weblog challenge focuses on “content creator appreciation”…in other words, spotlighting creators who do something above and beyond.   When I read this challenge, two creators immediately sprang to mind.  The reason, because they always provide so much bang for the lindens with every purchase that it’s almost like a party in a purchase.  Those two creators are Maris Kanto of Kalnin’s Fashion Shoes and Misteria Loon of Pas De Deux Fashion (romantic and fantasy-wear).

Misteria Loon of Pas De Deux. I have the distinct pleasure of knowing Misty, who is an incredibly talented Japanese designer and also fluent in English.  She is a generous, artistic, and wise soul who I met a couple of years ago when I helped uber-talented Shenlei Flasheart invite emerging designers to apprentice in the year-long Shengri La Vintage Marketplace that Shenlei had created.  Misty was our first “discovery.”  I found her in a small rental shop, where she sold at most two dresses and both at outrageously low prices.  But what really floored me was how each item was so gorgeously created, often from Misty’s real life nature photos.   And what then astounded me was how each of Misty’s dresses amounted to a complete wardrober.  Now many gorgeous dress creations later, Misty remains true to her roots and typically packages most of her dresses with at least three skirt options, sometimes four:  mini, cocktail, gown, and gown with train.   When I bought Misty’s gorgeous “Odetto & Odile” shown here, I received the dress in a complete black version and a complete white version with both versions including stockings and three skirt options.  Did I say “!”?  “!!!!” I say!  Honestly, I don’t know too many designers who provide so many options at such incredible price points and in such original designs.  The mood of Misty’s creations are always romantic, overtly feminine bordering on or outright into the realm of fantasy.  (Most recently, she has created a line of mer ensembles which is equally gorgeous and generous as well.)  With all the options she provides and the originality of her voice, Misty’s items are truly, quite literally Beauty in Abundance.

Maris Kanto creator of Kalnin’s  Shoes. I admit that I am not much of a shoe person.  Actually, that’s not quite accurate.  I’m very much a shoe person and I’m very much not a shoe person.  I love the freedom of bare feet, with either grass or sand or rug fibers or wind or fingers or kitten’s paws or wool socks tickling my toes.  Bare feet is my forever true love.  At the same time, I appreciate the art that is the shoe.  I love how just the right shoe can finish a look or create a mood.  And I so love slipping out of them or dangling them off.

When it comes to the art of the shoe, two shoe creators inworld catch my attention.  One of them also makes hair and clothes and poses.  But the line I never fail to check out is Maris Kanto’s Kalnin’s Fashion Shoes.  Each new release is listed at 50% off the full price for a limited period of time.  That’s the first attention-getter.  But even at full price, Kalnin Shoes are such an amazing creation and value it isn’t even funny.  Kalnin Shoes typically come with a hud that allows not only for skin matching, not only a color palette for toenail polish, but also a color palette that allows you to change the color of various parts of the shoe (the shoe, the foot bed, the straps, the heel) and the metal detailing.  The hud also allows for creating depth to the texture of the leather or the toenail polish by adding or removing shininess.  In essence, one pair of Kalnin Shoes is the equivalent of a mini fat pack with detailing options and all at a single purchase price point.

Lastly, many skin makers do this and I’m so glad that they are:  provide in a one purchase skins with cleavage, without cleavage, with hair base, without hair base, with freckles, without freckles, even with light-medium-dark eyebrows.  AtomicBambi’s new release “Noori” doesn’t provide the eyebrow options in one purchase, but it does provide the cleaveage, freckle, hairbase options in one purchase.  Love that.  Love this very yummy, dewy skin.  Love all the content creators like Misteria Loon of Pas De Deux, Maris Kanto of Kalnin’s Shoes, Atomic Bambi, among others, who make such wonderful beauty in abundance.

Credits and Taxis

Love … the Good Earth

In summer, I feel compelled to fling my shoes aside and plunk my toes and feet into the grass, into the soil, into the sand, into the sea, into the Good Earth.  That holds true even when I’m dressed up, although there are times when I keep the shoes on to complete the presentation of being woman.  Still…heels won’t stop me from wading in the sea.  In this case, while I show an item at the Summer of Love from  “Another summer in red” is the epitome of a summer dress:

Who needs a grilled street vent to stand over to cool off?  This dress is as light, pleasing, and refreshing as sorbet.  It drapes cleanly yet has a playful flounce in the skirt when you move about:

The skin I show is also at the Summer of Love fair.  I’m wearing “Stella 2” in blue eyeshadow from Tik Tok.  This is a fresh skin with dewy lips that is early in its bloom and perfect for a dress that epitomizes hawt ingenue and wisely leaves more to the imagination.  Here are two closeups:

 And full-on:

As the finishing touch to the entire creamy blue-sky look, I’m wearing “Indian Summer” in red from Cocoon Jewelry.  Cocoon Jewelry is not at the Summer of Love fair, but do take the taxi to Cocoon and visit.  You will find the trip is more than well worth it.  Yoona Mayo, the creator of Cocoon, is an exceedingly talented, sweet, generous soul who transforms prims into jewelry like nobody’s business.  Take a look at the absolutely gorgeous craftsmanship in the “Indian Summer” set, earrings and necklace.  You will want to snap it up because of its incredible loveliness:

I show Yoona’s “Indian Summer” in the midnight setting (above) so as to “pop” the incredible amount of detailing and heart Yoona gives each of her pieces.  But the truth is you don’t need windlight or special settings to see the glory of Yoona’s creations:

Mindboggingly easy going and gorgeous.  As is the entire look.  It’s definitely a good reason to take your feet out of the grass and head over to the Summer of Love fair, which also contains information on mental health awareness, and Cocoon Jewelry, which contains gorgeous jewelry creations.

SL’s Personal New Year

This coming week SL celebrates its 7th birthday and does so with the theme “Uncommon Collaborations.”  It’s so very fitting that Shenlei Flasheart, CEO of the Fashion Research Institute, will have an exhibit at SL7B.  Shenlei’s creative efforts and work with others have long epitomized uncommon collaborations.  As one of many examples, check out this writeup on a synchronous fashion show put on by Shenlei’s fashion interns during which they modelled their creations in FL while a virtual version modelled their same fashion inworld.   

Of her many successful endeavors with talented individuals and corporations both, I was proud to work with Shenlei when she envisioned the Shengri La Marketplace program.  For a year I curated the Marketplace, which was dedicated to finding and nurturing new and/or early emerging fashion designers, all of whom received guidance from Shenlei, herself a very successful fashion designer inworld and in FL.  Many of these collaborative relationships are still thriving, well into two years later.  Some of those collaborators who will showcase their work at SL7B include Shenlei’s student intern Missy Lavecchia, and Shengri La Marketplace alumni:  Misteria Loon creator of Pas De Deux fashion (highlighted extensively in this weblog), Yoona Mayo creator of Cocoon Jewelry, and Tiffy Vella creator of Eclectica Jewellery.

Happy personal new year to SL and really to all of us…the wonderful uncommon thinkers who make the world as fascinating, enriched, and vibrant as it is.   

The swimwear is a sneak peek of some of the wonderful creations you’ll see from Missy, Misteria, Tiffy, Yoona, and Shenlei.  The suit pictured here is “Aryana” from Missy’s White Queen line.


I’ve been holding some incredibly intricate jewelry created by Yoona Mayo founder of Cocoon Jewelry because I’ve been trying to determine the best way to showcase Yoona’s amazing talents.  You see, all of Yoona’s jewelry is incredible and incredibly intricate.  Her primwork is just about at the quantum level…it is so complex, so refined with each teeny, dimensional component so in harmony with the other that its collective power often defies description.  And, frankly, the fullness of Yoona’s artistry often overwhelms the camera, causing it either to gape or to blink in astonishment.

As proof, I’m sharing a few of Yoona’s latest creations, starting with her Bellflower earrings (below).  (Note, click on each photo for a somewhat larger view.)  They might help to provide a sense of what I mean.  I took two photos from two angles to show the dimension in the overall work.  With each stem, Yoona creates a flowing, undulating tuber flower that weaves so lyrically — yes lyrically — into and around itself.  The piece culminates in gentle bead work that dangles like delicate chimes, hinting at a soft musicality that kisses the shoulders.  Bellflower is really much more akin to elegant songs flowing into waterfalls than simply adornment for the ears.  While none of Yoona’s creations actually transmit sound, what I mean to suggest is that there is extensive fluidity and poetry to each piece in her jewelry portfolio.

Cocoon Jewelry by artisan Yoona Mayo

Bellflower earrings at Cocoon Jewelry from artisan Yoona Mayo

Yoona’s Aimee earrings (below) is continued confirmation of this.  This gorgeously sweet creation presents such a refreshingly polite design that it verily whispers around the ears.  I should have taken an uber close photo of Aimee.   With its refined and perfectly symmetrical display of pearls and gems, Aimee is so ultra lovely and feminine, so delightfully clean and engaging — and yes, dimensional…quantum level dimensional — that you can almost feel the entirety of the clearest summer sky day swirling within them.

Aime earrings at Cocoon Jewelry by artisan Yoona Mayo

I found myself smiling very widely when I put on Yoona’s Shengri La earrings (below).  This a very special creation because within Shengri la, Yoona pays homage to a selfless mentor, Shenlei Flasheart, who for more than six months guided Yoona and a half a dozen other designers apprenticing at the Shengri La Marketplace, which I curated.  As you may recall because I posted about it quite a bit, the Shengri La Marketplace was conceived by and flourished under Shenlei’s masterful talents, both as a fashion designer and a successful entrepreneur in both worlds.   This is so very much Yoona’s way:  to honor in gratitude and respect…and with a flourish of wonderful creativity.   Her Shengri La earrings achieve this and even more.  Their dimensional form shimmers like a gentle wind chime, suggesting a song of quiet opulence and serene beauty.

Shengri La earrings at Cocoon Jewelry by artisan Yoona Mayo

Even her more flamboyant Fireworks earrings crackle with a joy that marries elegance with playful happiness.

Fireworks earrings at Cocoon Jewelry by artisan Yoona Mayo

And this weblog presentation rounds out with the cascading droplets contained within Whirlwind, which dances like a spiral shower of honey that wraps itself around ruby candy gems.

Whirlwind earrings at Cocoon Jewelry by artisan Yoona Mayo

Sometimes descriptions don’t quite reflect the amazing artistry of some incredibly talented souls like Yoona.  For those instances when the artist transcends written or verbal language, seeing really is more than believing.   Seeing really then becomes  understanding and profoundly appreciating.  That’s certainly true when it comes to Yoona, both for her wonderful soul and for her gorgeous artistic eye that she brings to life so beautifully time after time after time.  I hope you find the time to go to Cocoon.  Because when you do, it is then that I know with absolute certainty that you will understand what  I mean about Yoona and her amazing talents.