Star Mine

This time of year emphasizes the things that are important:  love, friendships, caring.  One of the other wonderful things that happens each year around this time is connecting with old friends who we may not see as much throughout the months.   Grand friend and soul Yoona Mayo reached out the other day to say hi, happy new year, and to share some of her latest creations.  I met Yoona 3 or so years ago through Shenlei Flasheart’s Shengri La Marketplace.  There, Shenlei worked with budding young designers to help them refine their craft.   And there, Yoona was an apprentice who from Day One was loaded with talent.   Yoona still has it in spades.  Hers is a preference and a patience for tiny prim work.  I mean tiny.  Generally, her earrings contain about 200-300 prims each.  When you see the exquisite design Yoona lavishes on each piece, it’s easy to understand why so many prims go into the creation.  What’s difficult to grasp is the talent required to come up with the vision in the first place, much less the incredible skill to bring it into life.  It truly boggles the mind.  Yet Yoona achieves this time and time again.  Over the next few entries, I’ll share some of Yoona’s amazing creations, as well as other jewelry finds I stumbled upon recently.  (I’ve also been waking up in stores alot lately!)  But for now, take in Yoona’s latest and I must say glorious earring and necklace set called “Star Mine.”  I do love this set.  It is regal.  It is elegant.  It is wildly, wildly gorgeous.  And it is ridiculously inexpensive for the amount of talent and work that Yoona puts into each piece.  No matter the cost, it’s worth it.  When you pick this up you’ll know immediately exactly what I mean.  This is craftsmanship sublime.   To get yours, take the limos at the end of this post.

Tuli and Yoona

Tuli and Yoona side



Fashion Details

  • Jewelry ensemble:  “Star Mine” in blue from Yoona Mayo of  Cocoon Jewelry .
  • Hair:  “Sassy 2” (mesh) in treacle (dark browns) from Truth Hawks of  Truth .
  • Eyes:  “Horizon Eyes” in Pale Caramel from Ikon Innovia of  IKON .
  • Skin:  “Helena – December 31st” from Tuli Asturias of Tuli, at The Dressing Room – Fusion .