1 ~ Light

Daavi eyed the night sky, just about groping the past.

He wasn’t a midnight dreamer, certain of his influence and significance only when the earth lay still under a blanket of jet black ink with nothing but glimmers of importance shining off, far far away into the distance.

No, that he wasn’t.  But he did connect more clearly to the edges of his soul when he gazed – almost hypnotized – into the faint edges of shimmering starlight that scattered across the night sky.

His hand moved slowly up, and turned until a star rested on the very tip of his thumb. Then his index finger. Then three more.

Cocooned on his back atop the hood of his truck, Daavi reached back into time.  He lay as still and as lean as a constellation…a particular constellation that chased into Daavi’s outreached hand as if it were a black hole…and spread its light along his fingertips.