Forest Feast

Such a perfect name for this sim.  There’s so much beauty to feast your eyes upon.  It simply bursts into life with flowers and gardens.    I felt the breeze flowing across my face and the grass surrounding my feet.   I stumbled upon Forest Feast in SL’s Showcase tab and am so very glad for it.  It was so glorious it compelled me to rummage my closet and dust off my favorite wings and flit and float in the sim’s expansive gardens:

Feast Forest
Feast Forest
Feast Forest, a lovely garden sim
Feast Forest, a lovely garden sim
Feast Forest (using one of the environment presets)
Feast Forest (using one of the environment presets)

Feast Forest, a lovely garden sim
Feast Forest, a lovely garden sim


Do check out Forest Feast (in the Showcase tab).  I’m surely going to return again to the sim to take it all in again and maybe pick up a flower or two (many are for sale there).  And I’m definitely going to remember to check out SL’s Showcase tab more often…this was simply a delightful find!

Ethereal Elegance

Pas De Deux gowns by Misteria Loon

Misteria Loon’s fairy fashion show on Saturday, April 4th, on the fairy grounds of the Shengri La sim was a gorgeous display of this new designer’s incredible talents.  This beautiful presentation was masterfully conceived and put together by Shengri La estates owner Shenlei Flasheart, with enthusiastic support from 15 models who generously volunteered their time, and beautiful photography by Utopian and award-winning photographer Callipygian Christensen. 

Despite what was for many a very early morning, a huge number of SL residents stayed through the hour-long program…in fact, pushing the sim limits to its capacity.  Attendance remained at near capacity for the full hour, with many admiring the models perched on bunnies and leaves along with the dancing fairy models in the groves.  That many attendees snapped up Misteria’s gorgeous gowns and wore their new purchases immediately speaks volumes to the enthusiastic response all had to her fashion.  

If you missed the fashion show, please don’t miss this wonderful new designer.  Misteria’s creations are truly breathtaking.  Here’s the slurl to her shop in Shengri La: . 

And here, in this short videoclip, is a small glimpse of Misteria’s huge talent:


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Photography credits:  Callipygian Christensen, Shenlei Flasheart, Harper Beresford, Michele Hyacinth.  Some wings donated for this show by Seven’s Selections.

Fairy Fashion Show – Pas De Deux

You are invited to the Pas De Deux Fairy Fashion Show

Saturday, April 4th, from 7-8 a.m. SLT, in gorgeous Shengri La


A wonderful fairy fashion show of Pas De Deux apparel will be held on Saturday, April 4th, from 7:00-8:00 am SLT in the always lovely Shengri La sim … which will also celebrate its third year!    Shenlei Flasheart, Shengri La estates owner, has generously and artfully put together a complete day of amazing and fun festivities, as she recently announced on her Utopian Micronation blog.

Shengri La Emergence Party, April 4th Festivities
Shengri La Emergence Party, April 4th Festivities

Kicking off the day-long celebration is the fairy fashion show.  The very talented Misteria Loon, creator of Pas De Deux apparel, will have her fashions showcased in the fairy woods that are located just behind the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace where Misteria has a shop.   Our special thanks to Jen Shikami of Seven’s Selections for generously donating wings for the models to wear with some of Misteria’s gorgeous gowns.   Our special thanks also to the models who volunteered their time in support of Misteria Loon and Shenlei Flasheart.

As curator of the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace, I have the distinct pleasure of seeing the designers’s creations and have blogged several times about Misteria and her wonderful creations.  Misteria is a bright, new talent who draws her inspiration from nature.  Truly, her delicate designs reflect her love of earth, air and the heavens; they are as ethereal, light and joyful as the creator herself.   

Orchid gown by Misteria Loon, Pas De Deux, with wings by Seven's Selections
Orchid gown by Misteria Loon, Pas De Deux, with wings by Seven’s Selections

It has been our great joy to know Misteria and to watch her grow over the past several months into a highly talented designer-in-residence at the Vintage Marketplace.  In fact, Misteria was one of the very first designers to be accepted into this wonderful program, created by Shenlei Flasheart.  As many know, Shenlei is the uber talented and highly successful designer of both Prim & Proper fame and Debutante fame, as well as the Shengri La estates owner.  In early fall 2008, Shenlei established the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace as a way to help new designers get a leg up in the SL fashion world.  Since that time, Shenlei continues to focus her generous spirit, considerable skills and vision on helping bright, new talent grow.  

Under Shenlei’s leadership, Shengri La has become known as a place “Where Dreams Come True” … well … a stroll through the estate quickly demonstrates plenty of evidence to support this claim.   On April 4th at 7 am SLT, please do join us in celebrating the realization of Misteria’s dream to create gorgeous fashion.  We think you will agree that she has, indeed, she has. 

See you in Shengri La!



2 … Why Kennedy Rezzed

Note:  Dale Innis’s Meaties” is the original story from which this attempts to build.  And like everything else under the sun, this attempt is really a continuation of a continuation of a continuation….  (I’ve heard it said that somehow every story premise can trace its roots back in some form or another to Shakespeare…or Spiderman.  I have no reason to doubt this.  Personally, I like the friendly neighborhood web-slinger.)


Kennedy’s hands – with freshly painted purple lacquered nails – reached for the window that was across from her bed.  When her fingers made contact with the sill and she leaned forward just enough, Kennedy tumbled.

She fell through the black night outside of her bedroom window to some place with a waning afternoon sky.  She blinked rapidly to adjust her vision and clearly saw her arms and legs clawing and kicking at the air.  She wanted to scream, but couldn’t.  She wanted to focus, but didn’t.  Instead, she plummetted through a cloud farm of multicolored stars and somehow managed to avoid impaling her body with the stinging knives of the air that surely must have sliced through her.  She felt only mounting panic and watched helplessly as the pants and camisole of her favorite cotton lounging pajamas flapped noiselessly against the wind. 

Surprisingly, Kennedy’s newly acquired helmet-hair barely moved.   Or was it a mullet?  For a split second, this distinction greatly amused her.  She snorted and then was distracted again.   “Oh,” she said with delight to no one in particular, since she was the only one falling like a rock through the sky, “pretty sunset.”  She smiled as the firery red droplet spread wings across the horizon and swooped into the cloud farm with a dissolve.

And then with a soundless thud, Kennedy splattered onto the ground.

“WTF WTMFF MF,” grumbled a grizzly looking dragon, with fluttering eyelashes, a grenade strapped onto a talon, a lollipop clutched in another claw, and a briefly present transparent bubble hovering over his head that identified him as Flowering Heaven.  With utter disdain, Flowering Heaven glared at Kennedy’s helmet head or mullet…depending on your personal aesthetic.  And, after several seconds of dissecting Kennedy’s cranium, spoke. 

“You, um, might want to move, Newt,” he growled, quite ignoring the fact that he had whispered her there from her window to the very spot he stood, forcing her to land right on top of him.  In her window, she had seen the invitation to Whisper In that Flowering Heaven had sent.  And not knowing what she was looking at or how it got there or what she was doing or why he called her Newt, she had accepted.  And she had fallen.

Kennedy climbed to her feet – amazingly quite unharmed (unless you consider a mullet to be grievous harm, and Kennedy quite did) – and tried not to stare at Flowering Heaven.  But, well, yeah, she stared anyway.  And so they stared for several moments, evaluating or something, and Kennedy generally ignored his muttered and freeflowing stream of acronynms until he managed a somewhat more recognizeable thought:  “You want wings?”  Flowering Heaven tilted his scaly head and pointed with what must have been foot-long eyelashes to a free-standing pair of softly blinging wings.  “Frolic and play,” Flowering Heaven growled.  And then as an afterthought added, “MF.”  He looked at Kennedy and slightly smiled as best as a grizzly dragon could smile.

“Frolic and play,” Kennedy whispered.  She walked up to the wings.  Her eyes swam over each delicate, flapping, softly-blinging curve, over every line of glowing color.  She gasped at their beauty.  And wondered…if she wore these…could she forget.  Push aside or fill the hollowness that had arrived after her mother’s death.  With one hand feathering the wings, she turned and looked at Flowering Heaven who was drowning in his own stream of profane acronyms.    He stood with a marshmellow being, a warrior elf, a unicorn with a kitten on its back, an aristocrat, a diving bat, and a few suburbanites.  They were all highly animated and made floating particles appear and race in tight circles until they climbed into a mountainous tornado of color.  They laughed and made rude noises. 

And Kennedy wondered why they had Whispered In.  Just because they could?  Or just because they needed to?  Or both?  To find something?  To address something?  To move past a deep sorrow, which for Kennedy had been the death of a loved one?  Something more subtle, less dramatic?  To move past the cog in the wheel of 24/7?  To be reborn?  They laughed louder.  Kennedy had to softly smile.  A stream of antics flowed around them…such wonderful childlike play.   The group sensed Kennedy’s study of them, and their joyful play quieted a bit.  She smiled sadly, realizing her mindset had been journeying through a different place.  Or maybe it wasn’t a place different than theirs.  She didn’t know.  But she could tell the Whys were, um, noticeably unspoken… hers and most decidedly, their own.  

Kennedy thought maybe Flowering Heaven might reveal, oddly enough…if Kennedy peppered the conversation with enough MFs, the dragon just might.  But she wasn’t sure.  And it wasn’t hers to pursue.  It was only hers to figure out how to be…in her own being.  In a place of so many wonders and so many unspoken norms and so many unseen boundaries of thought…which is bound to happen with even one person in the room, and definitely when there is more than one person around.  As she slowly put on the blinging wings (an act which was met with namecalling by some and indifference by others), Kennedy steadied her insides.  She only hoped she could whirl her mind into a colorful tornado that constantly spun itself into an indisputable thing of wonder.  And she did so wonder in awe like a child at the mesmerizing towering delight that climbed into the cloud farm, beyond the stars, and … my…

…reached the edge of its swirling whirlpool to the lips of an infinite number of windows.  Alit with recognizeable human names.  And recognizable tales of Why lightly etching and revising themselves over and over again, across each pane.