Day 7 ~ We can be Heroes

A Look from the Fairelands


And indeed…the Fairelanders so are.  Somewhere in the late night hours, this incredible Tribe knocked down the door to L$ 4.3 million raised!  Whoa and also thank you is about all I can say…along with this:  What incredible, incredible souls!  What an astoundingly amazing Tribe!  Onward!







Fashion details and slurls

100% of each RFL vendor item purchase goes to the fight to eradicate cancer.  My apologies if I don’t always list which items are RFL vendor items.  I’ll try my best to get that information when it’s not available …Not all review packs indicated the RFL items…everyone is moving fast and furious and that is wonderful!  

  • Ichie-Go Ichie-E sim.  Mask (RFL item):  “Venezia” Mask-pink&feathery from Tiffy Vella of Eclectica
  • Ichie-Go Ichie-E sim.  Collar (RFL item):  “Venezia” Collar-pink from Tiffy Vella of Eclectica
  • Ichie-Go Ichie-E sim.  Flying Gremlin (RFL item):  Gremlin from ColeMarie of Cole’s Corner
  • YoZakura sim.  Mini top, belt, and pants (RFL item):  from “The Alchemist” ensemble from Gauze
  • Sylvan of Spells sim and the Fairelands Junction sim.  Skin (free):  Immortalia Skin “Arahven” (female) from Aikea Rieko of The Plastik
  • TBI sim.  Shoes:   Cthu Shues from Dela Soul (added these shoes onto Slink medium feet…my apologies for the really bad color match on my part!  I’m dashing!)
  • Ichie-Go Ichie-E sim.  Hairpin (RFL item):  Sakura Hairpin in Gold Pink by DreamFantasia Nightfire of Figment
  • Ichie-Go Ichie-E sim.   Circlet (RFL item):  StarGazer Diadem in lavendar from Zyn Dyrr of Zyn
  • Aurora sim.  Armour (RFL item):  Banshee Armour in brown from Deccan Arida of The Forge
  • Aurora sim.  Stacked gold bracelets (RFL vendor item in light gold):  Dragonborn by Noke Yuitza of Alegria

Fantasy Faire 2015 slurls and urls