This week’s Single Frame Story prompt is “blur.”  A couple of ideas came to mind, and as always, it’s the execution of the idea that proves for me to be the challenge.  Here’s my first attempt.  It’s entitled “Life in the Slow Lane.”  I hope to share a second attempt before the deadline.  If you haven’t participated in the Single Frame Story challenge, you really should.  It’s a great deal of fun and almost really a group collaboration among wonderful artists-travelers who share their wonderful views, wit, experiences, and feelings in their works.  They are a constant source of inspiration and they are a pleasure to celebrate.  For a perpetual learner like me, it’s a privilege to participate in this creative endeavor.  Check out the SFS weblog (link above), where new weekly prompts are posted every Saturday morning along with the previous week’s entries.  Also check out and join the SFS flickr stream and send in your works!

SFS “Blur” prompt entitled:  Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane (SFS prompt "blur")
Life in the Slow Lane (SFS prompt “blur”)