Book of Life

My entry for the Single Frame Story prompt “life and death” is entitled “the book of life”

the book of life

I may try this concept again, although I like the child-like imperfections in this, I must say.


I believe

Alot has happened since the transition from the old, blue screen seized tower (6-7 years) to the new, alienware sleek and slim tower (of just a few days).  A friend battled heart issues.  Another friend lost that battle and passed away.  A family member is in the midst of a fight with an enemy far too many of us know and thankfully all of us Relay against.

I believe.

Life is so precious.

It’s more than something of a miracle.

In the blink of an eye, we stand to miss so very much.

In the barrage of Hallmark Values, we stand to be blinded by glitter and overlook What Matters.

I believe we are unique and we are one, all at the same time.  And at the same time, time itself is merciless.  Time is the harshest of the task masters.  The harshest editor of any and every Book of Life.  In a blink, we morph, we change, we move into realms Unknowing…unknowing only to the point until we ourselves arrive.

To those who have gone before…in honoring their memory, I believe they are one with the universe.  The truth is perhaps we all are in every moment. But we just don’t seem to recognize it…not in every moment and not at the same time.  Or when it matters…like every second.

My entry for this week’s single frame story prompt “believe” is entitled “the answer is blowing in the wind.”

God bless you, all you wonderful souls.  God bless you, Adalia.  You weren’t given a fair roll of the dice in this life.  This is for you.

I believe

It’s not easy being green

Before my machine realizes that it’s cooperating and abruptly remembers to crash, here’s my entry for this week’s single frame story prompt “running scared.”  It’s entitled “it’s not easy being green”  Now excuse me while I run off quite scared of an impeding computer malfunction.

sfs running scared

Brain storming

I’m late!

But that’s no excuse for rushing the post.  My machines and router are on the fritz and so I’ve grown impatient with things digital.  I’m not very adept at taking photos from my laptop, as odd as that may sound.  Just seems trickier to navigate.  And even if my desktop worked, I probably still would be late, to be honest.  I’m strapped for creativity lately, which is also why I don’t have a story to go with this image.  The title of this image is “Brain storming” and it’s my entry — tardy though it is — for this week’s (last week’s!) Single Frame Story prompt “original.”   I played with the idea of calling it “Slave to Ideas” or “When ideas rain they pour”…but brain storming really seemed to be the essence of it.   Okay, enough description.  See?  Creativity is eluding me…it’s always been a tease for me.

Brain storm

By all appearances

My desktop has been seized by the blue screen lately but miraculously it is working at this moment (fingers crossed!).  Even if it had been working, I probably still would have been late for this past week’s Single Frame Story prompt “pot.”

But beyond that, I’m worried the machine is going to crash any minute so I’m going to make a hard segue here.  Hang on.

Check out the Single Frame Story weblog and flickr stream.  There’s such amazing creativity and viewpoints there.  It’s a great tribe that genuinely celebrates an open mind and diversity in views.  Share your amazing voice, too.  It’s so great to see the growing variety of entries and artists.

I’m late, I know but here’s my take on “pot”.  It’s entitled:  “Open Minds, Closed Tribes.”

Open Minds, Closed Tribes

It’s a sweeping generalization about a behavior that seems most prevalent in the atomic world.  (I use my inworld personas because, in all honesty, my atomic world wardrobe just doesn’t even come close to this.)

Sticks and Stones … Breaking the Fourth Wall

Just under the wire, here’s my second entry for the Single Frame Story prompt “wall” (extended over two weeks, this being the second of those two weeks, so get your posts in!).

I appear to be stuck on a concept, that of breaking the fourth wall.  This image captures my digital hand reaching into the digital world but from the vantage point of the atomic world.   It’s entitled “Sticks and Stones … Breaking the Fourth Wall.”

sfs wall sticks and stones

Loading Imagination…

This week’s Single Frame Story prompt — “creativity” — pushed me to the brink.   As one of the great mysteries, creativity evades capture and defies definition.    At the same time, it seems to flourish with some kind of structure…even if that structure belies the tangible and arrives on the wings of a sometimes fickle Muse.    But the other truth is that Magic permeates everything, particularly when we take a break from the routine of things and actively acknowledge the amazingness of life…including the process of artistic creation.  My process seems to challenge me to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.   I’m still working on that, but it’s really almost a forced-march at this point because as usual  I began with an idea that morphed into something else altogether.  So here I give to you my entry for the Single Frame Story prompt “creativity.”  It’s a semi-long way from what I originally envisioned (the constant is the login lifeline), but I’m pleased with it still.  It’s entitled “Loading Imagination.”

sfs creativity

If I’m not mistaken, SL10B launches Sunday so get your entries in today!  I can’t wait to view all of the wonderfully creative projects — including the imaginative works in the Single Frame Story exhibit — that so very many amazing and talented souls from our inworld community contributed to this event.  See you there!