Fairelands Junction Build

I’m making progress.  This is the first year of the Fantasy Faire that I lived into my other goal — even if only a little bit — to explore the sims before they went the way of the Sun.  The builds were astoundingly beautiful.  Just from the environment alone, the wonderfully different world of this grand culture within the inworld seeps into your being.  Add the vision and community to it and wow…magic! 

Over the next couple of entries I’ll share slideshows of the pictures I took, none of which do justice to the artistry of these places.  For today’s entry, feast your eyes on the Fairelands Junction, a glorious build that oozes lushness and was created by the ever-talented Saigye Lotus, who is also creator of Balderdash.  Saigye’s gentle eye and imaginative hand also shape the gorgeous Oubilette sim, where Balderdash is located.  I took these pictures of Fairelands Junction last Sunday, while arriving for the first live music performance of the day.  Along the way, I heard the gorgeous vocal stylings of a wonderful singer named Lyrica Acoustic who I hadn’t heard sing before but am very glad I did.  She is quite talented.  And — bonus! — while people-watching, I spotted several petite fae and even a Hipster!  See for yourself:

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