Reflections (literally) on Giants Within

Over the past several months, I’ve read a fashion weblogger I really admire rave about Kirstens viewer.  I became curious so I installed it, tried it a couple of times only to find that for some reason I kept crashing every time I tried to log in.  I tried it again today, hoping I wouldn’t crash and that I could take my usual several hours to set up for a photo session of wonderful new items that Tiffy Vella, creator of Eclectica Jewellery, dropped to me.  Happily, I didn’t crash when I logged in, but I was very much Ruth’d … Glow Ruth, not the Original Ruth, who despite the awkward appearance would be kinda fun to see again on occasion.  (You know, nostalgia and all!)  So, I relogged — hoping I would un-Ruth — but I didn’t.  So then I teleported thinking maybe that would do the trick.  Nope…still all aglow, but the sun and the shadows, which I understand V2 has as well, made for an interesting effect.  Take a look…just me, Glow Me, and my reflection:

Giants within…on multiple levels (even for our avatars) and even in all worlds it would appear.  Very fun, very much fun indeed!

Speaking of Amazing Giants…Happy Father’s Day!!