me oh my oh Meil

Just this past Friday, v v wonderful friend Dale and I found our way over to miel for what was then their 50L Friday item.  It’s a mesh dress called “Volar” that packs a wallop.  It’s cute as can be, made into killer because it comes complete with a fat pack color hud.  What you get is something close to the equivalent of an entire closet in this hud.   Okay, maybe not *exactly* like that but *close* to that because the hud allows you to change colors for the top, top ties, belt, and skirt and do it all independently of each other.   If you’re feeling the monochromatic vibe you can go for that or mix it up any way you choose.  Wonderful friend Dale and I show just a couple of the myriad color choices.  Head on over to  miel and get yours.  Even though I’m sure it’s no longer a 50L Friday item, I’m equally sure it’s still a great little get of a dress. Thank you to wonderful Dale (on gorgeous display in the first photo) for modelling this dress with me.

Dale models meil Michele in meil on chair

michele in meil and magic hair


It was a Blur is an impactful melding of art and fashion, a dream-state event created by Radio Signals that transcends the commonplace.  Radio’s description of the installation:  

Do you remember? It went by so fast. It’s fuzzy. Hard to pin down. You will find items (free and for sale) scattered around the floor about the sculptures. These are items created by our artists to help you blur with the environment. As a viewer of the art you are a participant of the art. You are the art itself. There are also poses, animations, sounds, and machinima to aid in your participation and full realization of the works. This is not a static artwork but rather a 4 week experience, after which it will only have been a blur.

I encourage you to explore, imagine, read, blend in, and blur.  To be a native in this strange land, to take photographs and create derivative works out of the art available for your blogs and walls.

-Radio Signals

Blur’s monochromatic minimalism is captivating and renders evocative images that also prove to be wonderful backdrops for photographs.  There are also wonderful fashion creations to be had there, such as the items in this post:  Miel Blur Dress; Miel Wed Hair; Sanu Blur Monocle; Sanu Blur Earrings.  I’ve visited Blur a couple of times already and plan to return there for as long as the installation is open (through mid August).  If you haven’t yet been to Blur, do visit.