Save the Avatar…


…Save the World


Botgirl definitely has her mouse-clicks on the pulse of not only psychology but fun, creative tools.   As a result of a creative whim, a few of us joined in and created superheros, otherwise known as SLayers (see Botgirl’s latest post of the same name). 

Here’s mine:


SLayer (see Botgirl's post)
Michele, curator by day; member of SLayer Superheros by night (see Botgirl's post)


Michele Hyacinth:  Shengri La Vintage Marketplace Curator by day; SLayer Superhero by night.  Too fun, huh?  I thought so! 

I suppose I should create a superhero-y name and powers for my SLayer persona.  Something with Yin-Yang no doubt, and a wink and a smile.  (Although I can’t seem to get past the “can you hear me now question?” or “is this the party to whom you are speaking?” question that the headset invokes.  Funny…it didn’t do that to me originally when I first added it.)

Maybe there’s a story percolating for the SLayers:  “Save the Avatar…Save SL.”  

Or maybe SLayers was just a whimsical, one-time thing.  Either way, it’s great fun to play.  I might just have to create another superhero (this takes you to the Marvel site to create your own).  The world can always use another one. 

Besides…they have really cool clothes.