Love … Flora

The Summer of Love fashion fair runs until the first couple of weeks of August, I believe.  The fair provides great fashion for sale (not a charitable event).  But along with a plethora of fashion at the Summer of Love, you’ll also find a great deal of information about mental health issues.  In this case, the information focuses on understanding abusive relationships and strengthening self-esteem.   The concept of combining fashion with mental health knowledge is something that speaks to the well-rounded intelligent beauty within.  As does the wonderful fashion on display.  Specifically for this entry, Donna Flora’s “Fada” dress and her “Sally” necklace and earrings set.   

I have several Donna Flora pieces, and I delight in them all.  They are beautiful creations that run the gamut from dresses, gowns, flexis, and sculpties.  I admit that I’m much more inclined to wear a flexi skirt as opposed to a sculpted one (because sculpted pieces tend to look overwhelming and clunky on my curvy shape), but evenso, the sculpting in Flora’s “Fada” manages to be soft and gentle somehow.  In “Fada,” I feel like a delicate songbird that is strong and melodious in voice and tone…one that sings Flora’s praises for her incredible eye and skill in the creation of her dresses, yes.  But also more…

“Sally” — Flora’s jewelry set (necklace and earrings) — joins the chorus singing of the designer’s impeccible talents.  “Sally” is very Jackie O in feel, guaranteeing a timeless elegance that is purely innate to the creation.  Although “Fada” and “Sally” are separate pieces, they suit each other perfectly…in color, texture, proportion, presence.  Adding to the wonderful harmony of this look is the skin I show from Lara Skin called “Sophie” (also at the Summer of Love).  I’m wearing “Sophie” in Fair, which calls forth the perfect peaches and cream summer day theme that’s carried so gently throughout the dress and the jewelry set.

To find these lovely creations and more, do fly on over to the Summer of Love over the next couple of weeks.  Then if you have time and interest, head on over to Blur where I snapped these images.  Tomorrow, I plan to post an entry on a creation I picked up at Blur.  The two venues have quite different themes, but they are both equally filled with wonderful artistry and worthwhile stops to make along your many journeys on the grid.