A Smoldering Jewerly Installation

Primal Elegance … a Jewelry Installation


What an incredibly hot and popular jewelry installation! 

“Primal Elegance” featured 12 gorgeous creations, four each from three exciting new jewelry lines:  Cocoon Jewelry (creator Yoona Mayo), Eclectica Jewellery (creator Tiffy Vella), and Sable Rose (creator Rosie Barthelmess).   Here’s a very brief glimpse (to be followed soon with another post that has more images).  I hope the images compel you to visit these wonderful new creators in their Shengri La shops. 


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The 12 gorgeous models who so generously volunteered their time and support looked smoking hot, both in the sumptuous jewelry and the smoldering set.  (Apparently, it’s too hot for the animoto tool because it won’t display more than six images, but I’ll soon do another post with static images.  Also be on the lookout for what will be a wonderful machinima from Shenlei, which will soon be uploaded onto her Utopian Micronation blog.)

The set for “Primal Elegance” and the entire event was masterfully conceived, designed, and hosted by Shenlei Flasheart, CEO of the Fashion Research Institute and creator of the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace.  Everyone was bowled over by Shenlei’s concept for this show as much as by the gorgeous jewelry pieces.  “Primal Elegance” was so wildly popular that it maxed out the sim in terms of avatar presence, ran a full hour over its end time to accommodate the overflowing stream of attendees, and generated non-stop buzz in the chat windows of several fashion groups.  The concept and the jewelry were absolutely on fire together.

Cocoon Jewelry, Eclectica Jewellery, and Sable Rose all have shops in Shengri La.  Please do make a point to visit their shops and check out the amazing talents of these three creative designers.  Gauging by this wildly successful show, you won’t be disappointed. 

Thankful Acknowledgements:  Although I work with Shenlei and curate the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace, I enjoyed the priviledge of modelling in this show.  Like Shenlei, I so love helping talented, new creatives who are also genuinely nice people.  And to that end, let me express genuine gratitude to my fellow models, the wonderful individuals who volunteered their time in support of Yoona, Tiffy, and Rosie:  Callipygian ChristensenHarper  Beresford, Chestnut Rau, IndiaRose Muircastle, Patricia Anne Daviau, DZ Questi, Carabella Babii, Georgianna Blackburn, and Jaydie Sapeur; as well as three other wonderful volunteers who were at the ready to help out if other models crashed:  Dede, Vahari, and Ahuva.  Thank you all!