Taking the Leap!

I feel like such a newborn, even at four rez years.   I still unintentionally wear boxes on my head, and when that happens, it makes me smile every time (which is nice and funny…because as a newborn that kind of thing used to make me cringe a bit.  I’m very glad to be able to smile and laugh with it now).  I still quite intentionally delight in and marvel at the wonderful creativity inworld and the very palpable sense of a shared experience — maybe community, maybe principles, maybe values, I’m not sure which — that exists across the spectrum of virtual worlds citizens.

And I still feel like a newborn because this is the first year in four years that I am doing the Rez Day jump, a wonderful yet rather unknown inworld tradition that my very wonderful friend Dale learned about, shared with everyone, and participated in for the past two years.  True to every form, Dale soars so naturally in the Rez Day jump.  I don’t know how Dale captured the prejump and inflight photos, but I’m amazed by that.  I found I had to pose in the sky a bit first, twirl a little around, and practice several times before I could finally capture the inflight leap in a photo.

So, with a November 15th rez day, I’m posting my Rez Day jump within my Rez Month.  And every day I am and remain so very grateful for Second Life, our world our imagination and the incredible soul in all forms, in all worlds.  Always.

Four rez years…four pictures!