Midnight Sparkle in a Winter Wonderland

Midnight Sparkle, an effervescent gown designed by FL fashion design student and SL design intern Missy Lavecchia, will be featured in the December 7th (4 pm slt) fashion show in the Shengri La Hope sim.  “Jewels of Winter” is the venue for showcasing this talented freshman designer’s creations, specifically formal gowns in rich jewel tones from her Bella Fantasique line. 

Midnight Sparkle

Missy Lavecchia (sl name) is an undergraduate fashion design student at Buffalo State University.  Missy interned with the Fashion Research Institute (FRI) for the past nine months, where she worked the craft of fashion design in virtual settings…and received academic credit at BSU along the way.  Jewels of Winter is Missy’s first fashion show dedicated completely to her work and is sponsored by FRI CEO and Shengri La estates owner Shenlei Flasheart (sl name).  As a Shengri La curator, I’ve watched from afar as Missy studied under Shenlei’s tutelage.  It’s truly wonderful to see this young talent grow and continually learn, and to watch as she gains greater mastery over her craft.

Please join us on December 7th from 4-6 pm SLT at Jewels of Winter for what will be a lovely review of Missy’s latest creations, a small collection of ornamental and festive gowns in an expansive color run.  The venue for the show is a gorgeous winter holiday setting, complete with ice skating, dancing, and horse carriage rides.   We look forward to seeing you there!

Jewels of Winter, December 7th, 4 pm SLT, Shengri La Hope sim