Fantasy Faire … the way of the Sun


In the brightness of light just before the Sun slips down along its cayenne path, we hold to the realization that its magic will light and gloriously rise again.  And so it will.

The Fairelands rise and move through its passion at breathtaking speeds.   As characterizes this momentous occasion, genuine heart and soul guide all of those who envision and make real these magical lands as well as all of us who also champion and contribute in making alive this amazing community and collaboration.

I’m listening to the Live Auction right now and as always marveling in this community.  Lindens raised so far — in a mere near 11 days — number 5.3 million lindens, with more items yet to be auctioned, and 4 or so more hours left to shop.

Every year I say this and every year it’s so completely true:  I’m in awe of this Tribe.  And I am speechless yet again.  And grateful.  On so many levels.  Thank you all…more than I can ever fully say.  Thank you.