Beautifully Uncommon

The other day, I wrote about and showed two pieces of art inspired by Dale’s amazing “Thingmaker” invention and brought to wearable form by Alpha Tribe.   Dale’s “Thingmaker” makes all kinds of shapes and patterns with a randomness in sizes, designs, colors and levels of transparencies.  From these shapes, Alpha Tribe created amazing NPIRL hair, three thusfar:  “Pillow” and “Array,” which I showcased the other day, and “Magnolia,” which I am equally thrilled to share today.

Look at this beauty.  In this photo, I wear “Magnolia” with a skin hairbase to show how Magnolia looks with the scalp filled in.  What tickles me a bit is finding in my closet the dress that I show and that fits the mood and look of “Magnolia” like a hand in a glove.  The dress is an “oldie but goodie” from Alpha Tribe, ironically enough.  I have had this dress for quite a while now and am just delighted by how beautifully the signature of the gown matches the signature of the Thingmaker shapes used to created “Magnolia.”

In the next photos, I show how “Magnolia” looks just as lovely without a hairbase.  I love to wear these wonderful creations both ways, with and without a hairbase.  More often then not, I find myself wearing them without a hairbase because many of my skins seem to produce a low hairline on my shape.   Plus, I do love the shape of my head and how a clean scalp truly showcases these amazing creations.

I know I showed “Array” yesterday but I had to show it again after finding this great outfit lurking in my closet that I completely forgot about.  The two work so gorgeously together.

Just like amazing Dale’s wonderful “Thingmaker” and Alpha Tribe.

Pick up a copy of Dale’s “Thingmaker” on xstreet.  You’ll find yourself as fascinated and inspired by its endless stream of creations.  Get your Thingmaker-inspired creations by visiting Alpha Tribe where you will find “Pillow,” “Array,” and “Magnolia.”   For the perfect setting for photos in these hairs, head over to “It was a Blur” and check out Radio Signal’s wonderful art installation (through mid-August)…and wonderful art posted on Radio’s weblog.

All the way around…Beautifully Uncommon.

Uncommon Thinkers…Uncommon Creators

One of the things I love about second life is its extraordinary creativity.  In this case, I’m not taking about the platform itself (although it is incredible) but instead I mean the extraordinary talents of individuals who make and achieve amazing things.  Those that thrill me the most are in the NPIRL genre, although I definitely admire all creations inworld whether NPIRL or not.  But I have to admit that I am simply astounded by those who are able to bring to life something that otherwise wouldn’t have been imagined or seen.   I honestly believe the truth of it all is that very few can do this or do this very well over time.  Yet, there are those who possess an innate brilliance and creativity….like my very very dear wonderful amazing friend Dale.

I am so completely thrilled to brag on Dale because Dale is so wildly incredible and wonderful in so very many ways and in so many worlds, including the art world.  Through a series of happenings that Dale shares here, Dale’s brilliant invention called the “Thingmaker” caught the eye of one of the Alpha Tribe creators.  Dale’s Thingmaker makes random things…all kinds of shapes and patterns of shapes or randomness of shapes and sizes and colors and levels of transparencies.  Each time the Thingmaker creates a whole other newness.  Which is to say that it is brilliantly self-creating and makes original newness each time.   Wow’d by this (as I am and everyone else who sees Dale’s creations), Alpha Tribe shares in their weblog how they now use the living art of the Thingmaker to make wonderfully imaginative NPIRL hair.

Here is very very dear wonderful friend Dale (right) and me as we wear the “Pillow” hair that was created from the collaboration between Dale and the Alpha Tribe group.   Dale shows it in black; I show it in white; and we both show it fit for the phenomenal, quite honestly.   I absolutely love this hair.  It is so gorgeously far beyond the realm of the conventional or the commonplace; so beautifully in the realm of the evocative and artistic, the futuristic and otherworldly.  Even when worn with a basic top and pants.  (We visited “Blur” and found it to be the perfect backdrop.)

Here’s a side view of Pillow.  Notice its softly tendrils flowing gently with each movement.

“Pillow” is an echo of another time and place.  It makes me want to find the most cleanly elaborate, finely detailed majestic fantasy outfit to do justice to the regal and imaginative glory of the hair.  “Array” compels the same reaction, and yet like “Pillow”, “Array” also looks unquestioningly phenomenal when showcased as an ensemble’s main focus.  Take a gander:

Utterly amazing and so wildly unlike anything you will see or find anywhere else inworld.  Simply put, the Thingmaker-inspired hairs are haute couture.  That’s not a phrase I use liberally because it’s reserved for fashion that is high art, but that’s exactly what these pieces are.  Glorious, original, wonderful, soaring art the likes of which to make Lady Gaga envious.  And brought about by a serendipitous collaboration of the most natural, fantastical, and brilliant sort.

Get your Thingmaker-inspired creations by visiting Alpha Tribe where you will find “Pillow” and “Array” (with my post on “Magnolia” — the third in the series thusfar — to be published tomorrow).   To marvel at the Thingmaker itself in action, pick up your own copy of it on xstreet.  I have one and am constantly fascinated by its endless stream of creations…and its truly amazing wonderful creator.

Dale Innis’s Seaspray 1.1!!

My very very wonderful friend Dale is amazing in so many ways…from scripting, building, photography, teaching, mentoring, writing, brilliant thinking, terraforming to his incredibly open, caring, generous, beautiful heart and soul.  I would need to write more than several posts to even try to describe all of how wonderful Dale is as a person and to everyone who knows him.   And even then, words would fail.  But where words do succeed is in describing Dale’s latest creative venture:  that of a brilliant content creator!  Yay!!!!

Avid about so very very many things, among them boating and the ocean, Dale’s first product offering is a truly fitting one:  a hawt, powerful water vehicle that is jam-packed with amazingness:

Very Wonderful Dale and the Seaspray 1.1
very Wonderful Dale on his wonderful Seaspray 1.1
Very Very Wonderful Dale and the Seaspray 1.1
Very Wonderful Dale and the wonderful Seaspray 1.1

 Dale’s Seaspray 1.1 (available at Busy Ben’s Lot 44) is an incredibly sleek and scorchingly sexy, powerful and raucously fun boat.  I’ve had the great honor of watching Dale create the Seaspray — through various stages from conception to finished vehicle.  And I also had the wildly great fun of beta testing the Seaspray 1.1.  This boat tears through the waterways and handles with such elegance and grace even with all of its massive power.  It effortlessly slices along the top of the ocean.  It zips smoothly forward and backward, turns with gorgeous agility in any direction, and for those moments when you really want to amp it up, press the pgup key a few times in succession and see what happens!

I **love** the Seaspray.  It is built for speed(s), agility, wonderful surprise, and unquestioned hawtness.  And all of that comes not only from Dale’s beautiful imagination, design and scripting, but also from his beautiful selection of textures.  This baby is fully loaded.  Dale gives us 125 different colors, glow and shine features on a wildly hot boat that manuveurs in all directions, has screamingly fast and gently modulated speeds, and can be made to go air borne.  How much did you ask?  50L!  yes…50L!  Yes…TWO digits.  Only 50L!   For that price, Dale is basically giving away an AMAZING creation.  So put on your hottest, baddest racing swimsuit, zip on over to Busy Ben’s Lot 44, and snap up Dale’s utterly fantastic Seaspray 1.1.  I love it so much — and just can’t believe the price, honestly — that I literally purchased the Seaspray a few times (even though Dale generously gifted one to me), and I would gladly do so many more times.  Because it’s just that wonderful and that wonderfully fun.

Note:  Stay on the lookout for additional Seaspray products from Dale, who plans to release the Seaspray Subscription Line (100L for everything described above plus free updates for the life of the product) and the Seaspray Rezzer (200L for an unending stream of Seasprays to be enjoyed by friends and guests and the bonus is the boats automatically clean up after themselves when they are no longer in use!).