Love … Butterfly

What could be more appropriate for the heat of the season to bring than the Summer of Love.   The Summer of Love fashion fair is conceived and organized by the same talented souls who brought us the Black & Blue Fair…Fashion for Mental Health Awareness.  The Summer of Love takes that same concept — mixing wonderful fashion with information to create mental health awareness — and extends the concept by focusing the information on abusive relationships and self-esteem issues.  As with the Black & Blue Fair, the Summer of Love is not a charity.  So even though the lindens do not go to a charity, this is a wonderful event I can get behind because love and a healthy self love are powers that I fully believe in.

Here then is something I forever completely adore…a gorgeous butterfly.

This ensemble from N1CO called “Ileana” is an amazing creation of fantasy wear.  When you wear “Ileana,” you emerge out of a cocoon of bodywear and prims into the wings and fluttering trails of butterflies that alight about you in a blissful dance.

To complete the feeling of being enveloped by the gorgeous creature, the gown’s front gathering is made of an adornment (with feelers) that resembles the body of a beautiful butterfly.  The butterfly trails and feelers flow gracefully about you, joyfully kissing your every movement from every angle:

I took the photos of this amazing creation while in Chakryn Forest, but I also took some photos on a white screen to show the detail in the tendrils…and also to show how beautiful the gown looks even if you should opt not to wear the skirt portion with the front feelers. For example:

Do note there are gentle back feelers that attach to the back of the shoulder strap.  Also note that the hair and the gloves come with this purchase.  Indeed, this entire ensemble, look, and statement bursts with a wonderfulness that won’t be denied.  Perfect, not only for a summer of love, but perfect, indeed, for an eternity of love.  My butterfly and I.