Oh! Oh!

Little did I realize that another fascinating build at Burning Life was created by another Oh…Selavy Oh, to be precise, who brings us “The Irregularity.”

Hovering within "The Irregularity" by Selavy Oh

This is an immense, fascinating build that you just have to see.  It is at once utterly minimalistic and profoundly complex.  Beyond the fascinating juxtaposition between the “simple” and the complicated, “The Irregularlity” is also wonderfully *huge*…

"The Irregularity" by Selavy Oh at Burning Life

"The Irregularity" by Selavy Oh, with The Man in the background at Burning Life

That’s The Man in the background (pre-torching) but captured in the photo in an effort to convey scale.  I returned to “The Irregularlity” a few times…because the more I looked at it, flew within it (seeing the wood beams flash with a gentle light with each passing), the more it drew me in.  I’m sure I’ll be back there again this week while it’s still around to try again to get a good capture of it.  And just to cam around while inside it to marvel at all of the dimension it suggests.  “The Irregularity” is amazing — such a delightful surprise that packs a quiet whallop.  Quite consistently.