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One Billion Rising

Dance!  Because You Love…

Dance!  Because You Dream…

“Dance is dangerous, joyous, sexual, holy, disruptive, contagious, it breaks the rules. 
It can happen anywhere, anytime, with anyone and everyone, and it’s free.
Dancing insists we take up space, we go there together in community.
Dance joins us and pushes us to go further and that is why it’s at the center of ONE BILLION RISING.
With infectious music and lyrics from Tena Clark, amazing vocals by a talented group of V-Girls,
and Debbie Allen’s bold choreography, 
Break The Chain is the anthem that will call up one billion to rise.”

– Eve Ensler (founder of One Billion Rising)

One Billion Rising V-Day is hours and counting, kicking off 2.14.13, everywhere.  

In the atomic world, V-Day has joined forces with CNN ireport for women and men around the world to share their Rising stories.  Be sure to use #1billionrising or #vday along with the #1billionrisingsl for inworld Risers when you share your story on ireport.cnn.com.

In the virtual world, here’s the information that was released yesterday to SL webloggers.  One Billion Rising SL will join with atomic world activists from around the globe and the grid in a spectacular 24 hour dance event.

One Billion Rising SL begins Wednesday February 14th 12a.m. midnight, runs for 24 hours, and takes place on four sims, with the central stage extending over all four sims:

Be aware this is a General Maturity event (no nudity, offensive language or gestures are permitted).   At each landing point, you’ll find information kiosks with notecards about the event, the organization which inspired it, and how to help people who may be experiencing violence in their life.  Near the stage on each region is a gift area that holds One Billion Rising goodie boxes free for everyone attending the event.  Event sponsors have also been invited to place gifts in this area.  Around the edge of the sims, there are installations by 18 Second Life artists supporting One Billion Rising.

The party will feature different entertainment every hour:

Bourne Denimore (Bo Tiger) – Stage Lead

Thursday, February 14

12:00 am: DJ Alexi Ayres
1:00 am: DJ JackETear Frequency
2:00 am: DJ Bono G-spot (bono.tatham)
3:00 am: DJ Ċђąđщąη (chadman.asamoah)
4:00 am: DJ Shakespeare Shamrock
5:00 am: DJ Jhonatan Vyper
6:00 am: DJ Edward Pearse
7:00 am: DJ Kirby Deed
8:00 am: DJ Danny Bombastic
9:00 am: DJ Olivierb Lenroy
10:00 am: DJ Victoria Grau
11:00 am: DJ Vaughan Quan
12:00 pm: DJ Qwark Allen
1:00 pm: DJ Elrik Merlin
2:00 pm: DJ Amanda Shinji
3:00 pm: DJ Linda Foodiboo
4:00 pm: DJ Linda Zenoria
5:00 pm: DJ Victor1st Mornington
6:00 pm: DJ Summer Deadlight
7:00 pm: DJ Otenth Paderborn
8:00 pm: DJ Zander Greene
9:00 pm: Anek Fuchs – Live Musician
10:00 pm: Tristyn Homewood – Live Musician
11:00 pm: Noma Falta – Live Musician

Every hour of the event, all the performers will stream “Break the Chain” – the song specially created for this event in the real world. You can see the Second Life version of the video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AUYdrhoDfE .  (Love it!)  And also Love the Atomic World video:

There’s much more wonderful information in the notecards but what I’ve listed here is a general overview that should help set up the context for the event.  All I can say is it’s so immediately apparent from viewing the press material the utterly impressive amount of work inworld that went into putting this event together and the number of wonderful souls — volunteers, sponsors, curators — who are to be commended for making this all happen.  Wow, truly truly impressive.  Truly.  Take a moment, please, as you Rise and Dance and Love and Live and Break the Rules to Make a Positive Impact and check out the links and the lists to see all the amazing number of persons dancing right there with you in both worlds who gave so much of themselves to make One Billion Rising happen.  I know this post is long, but I simply must list the incredible group of SL persons.   Thank you all so very very very much for putting together and pulling off this vitally vitally vitally important inworld experience.

Important Links – Atomic World

Important Links – Second Life

Artists – One Billion Rising SL

Visit the 1BillionRisingSL website for artist biographies and descriptions of their installations –

  • SOLKIDE AUER – Italy
  • KICCA IGALY – Italy
  • EM LARSSON – Canada
  • DACO MONDAY – Italy
  • ROMY NAYAR – Spain/France
  • NESSUNO MYOO – Italy
  • BRYN OH – Canada
  • NOKE YUITZA – Spain

Sponsors – One Billion Rising SL

  • Maven Homes
  • Meshworx
  • Cheeky Pea
  • Prime
  • Gwen Carillon Designs/Serenite
  • Galland Homes
  • Garden of Dreams
  • Gos Boutique
  • “Kaerri”
  • Spargel and Shine
  • Alchemy Immortalis
  • The Domineaux Effect
  • Dutchie
  • MadPea
  • Heart Garden Centre
  • Bits and Bobs Animations
  • Prim Perfect
  • Fruit Islands
  • KittyCatS
  • L’aize Dayz
  • MyAnimation
  • Dazzlers
  • davied Pearl *
  • Ahuva Heliosense*
  • Unforgettable Temptations

(*No inworld store)

Event Staff – One Billion Rising SL

Region Design: Winona Wiefel, Aisling Sinclair
Stage Design: Victor1st Mornington
Volunteer Coordinator: Honour McMillan
Greeter Lead: Uccello Poultry
Community Relations & Moderation Lead: Rails Bailey
Press and Public Relations: Saffia Widdershins, Qwis Greenwood
Non-profit Organization Coordinator: Saffia Widdershins
Sponsor Relations: Aisling Sinclair, Samantha Ohrberg
Entertainment: Honour McMillan, Samantha Ohrberg
Stage Lead: Bourne Denimore (Bo Tiger)
Art Display: Honour McMillan

Dance created in Second life by Pyper Dollinger and Tatiana Kurri
Filmed by Petlove Petshop
Edited by Petlove Petshop, Saffia Widdershins, Aisling Sinclair, Pyper Dollinger, Tatiana Kurri and Honour McMillan
Performed by the Dazzlers and Women of Second Life
Livestream Co-ordinator: Petlove Petshop
Stream provided by MalBurns Writer
Film camera: Petlove Petshop, MalBurns Writer, Emmo Wei, Fuschia Nightfire, Nino Heartsdale, Secret Rage, Geo Meek

one billion rising be the good

Stirring the Dream

Stirring the Dream” by Haveit Neox is the third build in the Santa Fe International Media Festival that Honour McMillian shared in her weblog entry about the event.  This is a very complex, involved, and fascinating installation.  You wander through a series of layers, think you’ve seen them all, and then just like peeling back an onion, you find yet another layer to explore.  I wandered through the installation for a long time and still didn’t see it all.  I logged out only to post this entry, as today (July 8th) is the last day to see the wonderful inworld art exhibits that are part of the Santa Fe event. 

And of course, there’s fashion to be had in this weblog entry!  If you haven’t yet been to Vextra Fashion, you really need to head over there.  Vextra Messing has created wonderfully lovely fashion and is selling her items at such incredibly reasonable prices, you’ll find it very, very hard to resist buying just about everything.  Seriously, this is fine quality fashion at prices that are simply a steal.  Check the end of the post for pictures (all of which were taken at “Stirring the Dream“), fashion details, and the ever important slurls! 



Fashion details from Vextra Messing, creator of Vextra Fashion:

  • Fashion picture 1:  “Margarita” halter dress in blue
  • Fashion picture 2:  “Daiquiri” dress in pink
  • Fashion picture 3:  “Salsa wrap” dress in black
  • Fashion picture 4:  “Mono’kini” beachwear in tropical gold

Additional fashion details:

  • Hair:  “Stargaze” in twix with floppy hat from Lamb Bellic, creator of Lamb
  • Shoes:  “Flip flops” in spring from Onyx LeShelle, creator of Maiteyra

Santa Fe New Media Festival

Today is the last day to visit wonderful builds in the Santa Fe International New Media Festival.  See Honour McMillian’s always wonderful weblog coverage of this build and other must-see inworld builds.  Yesterday, I visited two of the three builds Honour lists in that entry (“Almost Flat Land” and “Virginia Alone“), and am about to dash inworld to visit the third.  But I’m writing this post now in case any readers see this entry and find themselves wanting to check out the builds in the few hours that remain.   To give a feel for the builds created by these wonderful artists, here is a gallery of photos I took yesterday:

I admit I didn’t take as many photos of “Almost Flat Land.”  That’s because I picked up “New Dawn” — a gorgeous gown that is the current group gift from Poulet Koenkamp, creator of PurpleMoon — and I found myself modelling the gown in the very lush light and setting of Tyrehl Byk’s build.

Our world has just so many beautiful creations to see and to wear, doesn’t it, though?!

Where I found my Ivory Tower

Bit by bit, I’m checking the Destination Guide and exploring some of the sims listed there.  The other day, I dropped in on the art installation “Where I found my Ivory Tower.”  The artist happened to be there.

I think she was tweaking the exhibit at that time, but she was friendly enough to stop and chat ever so briefly before she went back to creating and I went forth to explore her work.  It’s a fascinating exhibit, with lots of depth and complexity and surprising interactions.  I believe this exhibit has two days remaining so if you haven’t already, do head over and check it out.  For some reason I can’t get the slideshow to work but here’s a gallery of some of the images I took when I visited the exhibit.  It’s really worth seeing…but be quick about it with only 2 days remaining!

Destination Art

I’m not sure why it seems more difficult to find wonderful art or featured builds now that just about everything inworld seems more categorized and organized.  I guess I’ve never been one to keep different food types separated from each other.  The more “controlled” things are, the more disconnected they feel.  Then the other day, yesterday in fact, I stumbled upon “Destination Guide” in search.  It looks to be jam-packed with different types of places to visit.  I thought I’d start taking some of those slurls and sharing what I find.  The first place visited is the MIC-Imagin@rium site.  As very wonderful friend Dale said it’s a beautiful build that reminds very much of Shenlei Flasheart’s original Shengri La, where we had the joy of residing along with wonderful other souls who lived there.  It’s also a fairly small but complex build, meaning it surprises with a great many details.  But evenso it’s a very soothing place to be in the face of all of its rich personality.  The site hosts art installations and cultural events, although we didn’t come across any when we visited it.  We’ll have to revisit MIC-Imagin@rium again…and if it should be quiet as it was yesterday, well, then continue to relax and enjoy.

You’ll find MIC-Imagin@rium here and in the “Art” category of the Destination Guide.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The gown I wore is so lovely I wanted to share where to find it.  It’s called  “Forever Yours” created by Agnes Finney, owner of My Precious.  A perfect gown for perfect romanticism.

Shifting Sands & Devil’s Locket

Here is the second post of some of the photos I was able to take before the Fantasy Faire faded back into starlight.  Today’s slideshow features a handful of images from the Shifting Sands sim and just a couple from the Devil’s Locket sim.  I’m not sure if any photos could capture the magnificence of these builds (like the amazing sand waterfalls at Shifting Sands), but it’s fun to try to show their granduer. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.