In my search for fantastical scenery today, I came across Utopia, an incredible Bryn Oh build.   Utopia is a place that requires very few, if any, words.  But what it does require is your participation, because only through actively committing yourself to it does Utopia come alive. 

There’s something incredibly insightful about the way Bryn Oh took that value statement and gave it form, yes, but only when each of us begins to interact with this wondrous art installation.  That is to say that Utopia is interactive…in a manner that is delightful, captivating, confounding, and sometimes quite unknown.  It’s really something to be experienced more than it is to be described.  What I will say before closing this entry with a flood of images (I couldn’t stop taking them) and before revisiting the build is that Utopia is a profound orchestra of minimalism, wild complexities, and a whole lot of heart and soul all at once.  Do explore there and indeed, discover how your own person makes Utopia come alive.