A while ago, Ziki Questi unveiled her perfect capture of this incredible SL10B build – “A’stra.”  Her travelogue of inworld destinations jars the mind, much like the photos she snaps of these magical places.  And yet.  I still find myself completely obsessed with A’stra.   I managed a couple of photos before crashing probably a dirty dozen times, this caused by the bawdy protest from a machine nearly as old as SL and upon which I forced the ultimate graphics performance levels.  Thank you trusty little tower for not imploding even if the noise you created made me believe you just might!  Still, it’s incredibly worth it to visit this build and put your settings to the test.  Your mind will be blown away when you check out A’stra on the SL10B Impressive sim.   It’s simply a ridiculously, incredibly amazing achievement!!  (I’m going back in…so if you happen to see me there, please ducttape me to the build!)

A'stra SL10B