Art Box

The other day, very wonderful good friend Dale and I visited a fantastic interactive (or perhaps immersive is a better word) art installation in SL called Art Box.  I wish I could remember the names of the creators.  They happened to be there when we were there, and they were as friendly and as engaging as could be.  The next time I’m inworld, I’ll find their names and update this entry, but in the meantime, I came across their web page: (cursor over each image to see the effect).  As you’ll see from their webpage and from the photos below, what they’ve created so very cleverly is an experience where visitors can insert themselves into some widely-recognized images:

Dale, Ringo, Michele, and George - Abbey Road
The "Original Beatles": Dale, Ringo, Michele, and George on Abbey Road
Apparently, John and Paul didn’t fully understand the concept behind the Abbey Road photo shoot, so in the spirit of “find a little help from your friends,” Dale and I stepped in to demonstrate.


When you land at Art Box, you’ll find yourself on the second floor gallery where a series of about, oh, 20-30 posters of masterworks line the room.  Make your selection by clicking on the poster of choice, and suddenly, you’re teleported to the first floor of the build where a stage rezzes (complete with pose balls) to hold a 3D replica of the masterwork.  Hop on a pose ball, change your appearance, play with the lighting and the camera and not only are you *in* the creation you selected, but you are, by virtual extension, a contributing artist.

Here’s Dale, as always statuesque and completely stunning, and in this photo, posing in the latest addition to the Art Box gallery:

Dale demonstrating that it's wholly unwise to mess with anyone wearing a system skirt
Dale demonstrating that it's wholly unwise to mess with anyone wearing a system skirt

Yes.  Anyone who has ever put on a system skirt *knows*  “it just ain’t easy” to wear.  Probably worse than a corset.  But the creators were clever enough to provide clothes and props if you choose not to use your own.  The gorgeous gown comes from Dale’s inventory, but check out that truck (a prop from the build) in Dale’s hand.  I snapped this photo (below) of Dale on the beam with the construction crew before Dale had a chance to detach the truck.  The prop for this image is a sandwich, which is in Dale’s other hand. 

Iconic Image
the highest heights


Art Box is a great concept and a great deal of fun.  It’s been around for about four months and is growing rapidly.  They add new images and 3D reproductions (again with poseballs and props) each week and have plans for a third floor to hold the additional works. 

Shake a tail feather down to Art Box
Shake a tail feather down to Art Box
Here’s a picture of the creators, who thought up, designed, and continually update this wonderful experience:
Art Box creators
Art Box creators

I have no doubt that those who visit Art Box enjoy the experience so much that they return again to try out the rest of the masterworks, along with the new ones that are added each week.  Well, why not…afterall, it’s just too fun!

A quick update to this entry: I just saw Dale’s wonderful weblog entry on Art Box, where he also clearly remembers the creators’ names and lists them:  Frankie Rockett and Violet Sweetwater! 

(Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dale! 🙂 )