Day 2 ~Dreamscape

Fantasy Faire 2020 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands (details and slurls after the pictures)

Day 2 Heliodor2_002

I’m grateful for the Fairelands and the Fairelanders. It does a fae’s soul good to connect with a wizened innocence. To be silly, to jump into your closet and put everything on at the same time, to dance in the air while exploring these gorgeous, magical lands. They breathe, these lands. They breathe of commitment, resiliency, compassion, play and purpose. And they welcome absolutely everyone in, so be here now, early and often, then repeat.

Day 2 Heliodor2_005

Day 2 Heliodor3_002

Day 2 Heliodor3_004

Day 2 Heliodor3_003

Day 2 Heliodor3_005

Fashion Details – RFL items are listed unless otherwise noted (RFL vendor proceeds go to the fight to eradicate cancer). 

Fantasy Faire Shopping Catalogue

  • Fae top and panties with flowers: Poison ivy fae outfit (comes with wings) from MALified (can’t seem to find the sim – will try to update this)
  • Wings (not a RFL item): elf wing #2 from Rudi-ludi-fool in Auxentios Pass
  • Ears (not a RFL item): elf ear with flowers from Rudi-ludi-fool in Auxentios Pass
  • Crown (not a RFL item):  small flower’s crown (white) from NAMINOKE in Auxentios Pass
  • Horns: Fae Antenna, Rare/ Standard from Cerridwen’s Cauldron. Gacha in Isle of Shadows. Shop in Spirit Valley of Kurik
  • Hair: Yoli (variety) from Analog Dog in Cassiopeia
  • Hand Particles: RFL Hope Hand Dancer from Cole’s Corner in Lunafae
  • Body Particles:  RFL Hope Portion Aura from Cole’s Corner in Lunafae
  • Eyes: Omega eyes in four colors from LuluB! in Sirens Lore
  • Body Tattoo: Elora from Stardust in Elemaria
  • Photo Location: Heliodor build by Nix Marabana and sponsored by Jinx.