How to train your dragon

Fantasy Faire 2022 slurls and urls

No time for words. Only doing. Well into the second week of the Fairelands and still so very much to see, so very much to celebrate. Into the doing. That’s how you train your dragon.

RFL items. Direct slurls are also in the FF 2022 Shopping Guide list of stores. Unless otherwise noted, the items listed below are from a RFL vendor and the proceeds go to the battle to eradicate cancer.

  • Outfit – shown in white, although there are many color options (body tattoo, earwings, forehead horns, head horns, animated tails, shoulder and lower leg spikes): KIRIN dragon (bom) from Forest Fantasy Store [FFS] in the Sylvuselah realm by Ketsui Naidoo, Grimoire Hexem and robynredhead.
  • Face makeup: Sigrun in full face from [Seydr] in the Athenenum realm by Helena Stringer, Ylva Korhonen and What88 Zond.
  • Hair (RFL item in the Male version): Shiloh (F) from Wasabi in the Opet realm by Alia Baroque.
  • Gold arm, chest, lower leg crystals (not a RFL item):  Utaraa in citrine glass from !dM deviousMind in the Opet realm by Alia Baroque.
  • Body lights (not a RFL item): fae embers from ::Static:: in the Bassett Town realm by Walton Wainwright.
  • Photo Location:  Broceliande realm by DaveOSaurus.

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