Beastly frog

Fantasy Faire 2022 slurls and urls

I don’t feel quite myself…this is one cool, beastly frog avi, complete with AO and four different walks, sit poses, stands. It comes with a hud to change eye color, pupil shape, and lid opening. Plus there’s a gigantic snapping tongue effect as well, which, to be honest, kind of grossed me out, laughing. It’s effective though! Oh and a second shape with oversized hands.

Me, I show it with flowers and puck horns. And fae embers, but of course. 🙂 I nearly put wings on it but managed to stop myself :). For the rough and tumble, this is a very cool avi particularly to squeeze through the maze and tunnels of Hunros Mine. As for me, back to the fae world I go. (But putting on shapes that I don’t self-identify with shows that I continue to grow and that’s always a good thing.:))

RFL items. Direct slurls are also in the FF 2022 Shopping Guide list of stores. Unless otherwise noted, the items listed below are from a RFL vendor and the proceeds go to the battle to eradicate cancer.

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A child in the wild blue yonder...full blooded woman with the power just to be. ~ John Haitt

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