Day 5 … Somewhere in Space

Fantasy Faire 2022 slurls and urls

I finally haz this Dinkie look and you can too! Get your Dinkie Fantasy Faire superhero vibe and hover board on at the slurl below. The outfit is more in the blue-purple colorway (see second picture I snapped of an avi wearing this earlier today), which is beautiful. It’s also fun to see it take on a futuristic copper feel with the lighting at the magnificent Gaalthyr realm.

RFL items. Direct slurls are also in the FF 2022 Shopping Guide list of stores. Unless otherwise noted, the items listed below are from a RFL vendor and the proceeds go to the battle to eradicate cancer.

  • Outfit (does not include the kitty avatar or the fairy lights): Cat Zippie Fantasy Faire 2022 special edition from ENP in the Hunros Mines realm by Loki Eliot.
  • Photo locations: Gaalthyr realm by Amethyst Ytelde and Scarlet Fey. Opet realm by Alia Baroque.

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