Dawn also rises

The chimes sang out softly. With each tone, magic announced itself quietly but consistently.

So fantastical yet brief our journey. So many souls honored. So many called now to sing on in realms known well and in realms known little, far beyond our reach in these moments. All in wait of knowing. All in want of being known.

But in the wait, silence emerges. It is somehow polite. It attempts to comfort. And it challenges, seeking that we listen even more deeply. Asking that we truly hear the song of the universe and join in. That melody weaving the very fabric between leaves on trees, between stars, inside all existence large and small and many. Inviting breath and reflection. Calling tenderly for gratitude. Urging the deepest of soul connections.

It’s then, in that moment, that I hear and I notice. The Lady of Sorrow has stopped crying.

The chimes whisper faintly now. As if from a great distance. She hears what I can’t yet. Yet silently she explains and a clear understanding fills me. And I realize the tears cease for one here because of all the love they have seen and experienced and given. It’s then that tears splash onto my cheeks for the very same reason. They fall many and heavy until all at once they glisten and float and flicker and burst into a brilliant stream of light throughout the universe. A clear path of love between the stars, and over and into the Moon, connecting the heart we cherish eternally within our own straight to the heart of our too-soon departed Loved Ones who adore us forever and who forever look out for us. In faithful wait of our joyful reunion. Knowing deep within our souls that this is so because Dawn rises everywhere. Even if it isn’t apparent in this moment. Believe that it will be seen and felt and shared, even as the world falls down. Even as realms collide. Even as hearts embrace perfectly forever and ever because they are so gratefully forever perfectly entwined.

Believe it is so because it is. I do and know this to be true: through it all, Dawn rises.

Published by Michele Hyacinth

A child in the wild blue yonder...full blooded woman with the power just to be. ~ John Haitt

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