Days without names

Fantasy Faire 2020 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands (details and slurls after the pictures)

Day 10_117

Fantasy Faire isn’t complete unless I’m a non-human at some point. This Caboodle fawn with horns (not a RFL item) is so sweet and the SKS Designs texture (a RFL item) magical and charming. The fawn AO has incredibly endearing movements…head shakes, stretches, and even dances and a sit pose. I wear this sweet creature with human wings (which I re-positioned) and the ever-present floral crown (which I resized smaller) that I can’t seem to go without. Each year, there are items I can’t go without. Just like the Fantasy Faire itself. Ever present. Ever a part of me. Ever needed. Ever right and true. And so now, just two days remain. The amount raised, you ask…just out of curiosity and I don’t blame you, I was curious as well. The highest yet. Nearly $70,000 USD. (Tears fell silently down my cheeks when I read this on the Fantasy Faire website.) This, during a global pandemic in the Outworld. This, when no one really hawked their wares. No carnival barkers here, at least not to my ears. Just pure heart. Pure magic. Pure Fellowship. Pure love.

Day 10_114

Day 10_092

Fashion Details – RFL items are listed unless otherwise noted (RFL vendor proceeds go to the fight to eradicate cancer). 

Fantasy Faire Shopping Catalogue

  • Avatar (not a RFL item): Fawn from Caboodle in Auxentios’ Pass
  • Fawn skin applier: Blue Mane for Kirin/Unicorn from SKS Designs (I’m not sure which region yet, but I will post it when I find it!)
  • Crown (not a RFL item):  small flower’s crown (white) from NAMINOKE in Auxentios Pass
  • Photo Location: Elemaria build by Bee Dumpling & Solas Enchantment and sponsored by Silvan Moon Designs

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