The Way of the Sun

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The Way of the Sun, the Moon, the Stars…all created from a special magic.  Their fire and light, their depth and magnificence never end, shining forever in our hearts and souls and minds.

From the start, the Sun’s rays wrapped themselves lovingly around these glorious Fairelands. Year after year, these realms glow with delight and focus and wonder. And year after year, every Fairelander’s level of commitment inspires awe. This year, Fairelanders raised more than 16 million lindens — more than $66,000 USD — dedicated to the beautiful cause of creating the Hope Hostel in Kenya for cancer patients and their care givers.

It’s hard to wrap your mind around $66,000 USD raised in 18 days, with people from all over the world. Many who know each other. Likely far more who don’t. All of which makes the heart, the soul, the resolve focused to one goal nothing short of amazing. FF chat-lore has it that more than 15,000 or so avies visited the realms over the last 18 days. Whatever the actual number may be, one thing is certain. It’s alot. What’s even more apparent is the depth of this shared resolve to make a difference. And boy was that resolve matched — and how — to a level of impact that really is beyond measure.

I’m always speechless on this the last day of the Fairelands. And I’m always, eternally grateful. Thank you dear World Creators and everyone who toils and gives shape and form to these magical lands. You’ve done it again — together, we’ve all done it again…created dare I say, something akin to perfection and somehow made it all look easy. Thank you for creating such magnificent substance to mirror our community’s shared passion and for celebrating the magic in all of us…making this event, time, and place something truly born out of genuine love. One as powerful as that magnificent Eternal Flame in all worlds that never, ever fades.

Shine on brightly, ye fellow warrior Stars. Every day in every moment until next year’s Fairelands and beyond.

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A child in the wild blue yonder...full blooded woman with the power just to be. ~ John Haitt

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