Day 9 ~ Wondrous

Fantasy Faire 2019 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands (details and slurls after the pictures)


Time certainly is weird in the Fairelands. Felt like just yesterday that these wondrous lands revealed themselves again and here we are a mere handful of days away from the close of official events. The good news is that these gorgeous builds (and RFL vendors) will remain until May 5th. But there’s no time like the present, so dive back in. Explore and celebrate the beautiful heart and soul of this event and all who make it possible and participate with abandon. All of us are making a real difference. We truly are. Details and slurls after the pics.



Fashion Details – RFL items are listed unless otherwise noted (RFL vendor proceeds go to the fight to eradicate cancer). 

Fantasy Faire Shopping Catalogue

  • Ensemble:  Lehenga Saree from Dreaming Thicket in Tensors’ Flying Market
  • Headdress: Gyuria from Rozoregalia in Midas
  • Ring (love this ring…I show it in gold this time): Kraken Bracelet Ring in gold from Amanda Mir of AiShA in Faireholm
  • Tattoo: Asteria from Stardust in Faireholm
  • Photo Location: Nightshade Blossoms build by Rowan Thursday/Kylie Todriya

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