Day 6 ~ Midsummer’s Eve…or not :)

Fantasy Faire 2019 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands (details and slurls after the pictures)


It seems like it was just yesterday that the Fairelands rose from the mist and already we arrive at what used to be the midpoint of these magical lands. But time morphs, as it wills and wants. This year through a special magic the hours for these lands have been altered, as shared on a Fairelands press release:

“Fantasy Faire has always officially lasted eleven days, and in recent years we’ve been fortunate to have a few extra days added. This year we’re making it official: our formal programming will still conclude with our One Team dance party marathon on Monday, April 29th, but now we invite you to join us for an additional week of shopping, questing, and exploring as the Fairelands will be open through Sunday, May 5th. That’s a total of eighteen days of the Faire – and you never know when something unexpected might happen in that final week!”

Even so…as very wonderful friend Dale would say, be here now. There’s much beauty to explore, more than an oodle of things to do, and most of all…a fight to finish.  Fairelands details and slurls follow after the pics.





Dept of Discarded Curiosities_001

Fashion Details – RFL items unless otherwise noted (RFL vendor proceeds go to the fight to eradicate cancer). 

Fantasy Faire Shopping Catalogue

  • Outfit (including turban…note, not a RFL item and does not include any of the jewelry, covers for bits, or tattoos):  Aqva Redux from Alpha Auer of AlphaTribe in Midas
  • Ring (love this ring…I pretty much haven’t taken it off!): Kraken Bracelet Ring Silver from Amanda Mir of AiShA in Faireholm
  • Photo Locations:

(Pic 1) Urafiki build by Eclair Martinek

(Pics 2-5) Thornfast build by Tansee & Delain Canucci (Thornfast is also the region for the Quest!)

(Pic 6) Department of Discarded Curiosities build by Mayah Parx

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