Day 7 ~ Galadriel (Tolkien Day)

Fantasy Faire 2017 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands (details and slurls after the pictures)


Today the Fairelands celebrate J. R. R. Tolkien and his wildly absurd talents.  (The Hobbit was originally published in 1937 (!) and LOTR originally published in 1954 (!)

Let that sink in.  Wild-mad brilliance for the Ages, just like all of his characters – yet for me the one I’ve chosen to convey today is one of the most fair of any throughout all of Tolkien’s incredible lands.

Galadriel is her name and so aptly named.  As it turns out, the name “Galadriel,” Tolkien’s most beautiful of the Noble Elves, carries a meaning just as glorious:   “maiden crowned with a radiant garland” in Sindarin. Galadriel was a Noldorin elf princess renowned for her beauty and wisdom in J. R. R. Tolkien’s novels. The elements are galad “radiant” and riel “garlanded maiden”.  Alatáriel is the Quenya form of her name.”  (This from a neat site “Behind the Name:  Tolkien’s Characters” ).

She was fairly magical, Galadriel.  Likely one of the Eagles.  Always Present.  Always of Light and Courage and Love…just like everyone in these Fairelands.

On this day, in honor of that masterful worlds creator, get your Tolkien on:  be it dragon, hobbit, Ent, Elf, Wizard, Orc, dwarf, or any of the magnificent beings bringing his works to life.  Just like we all bring the Fairelands to life in Fellowship, each and every year.  Fly thee now!  Fly thee high and true!  Be Here Now in grand Fellowship of these glorious Fairelands and our quest to eradicate cancer from all worlds!







Fashion Details (100% of RFL vendor items goes to the fight to eradicate cancer). 

Official FF List of Stores in Alpha Order and with FF sim locations

  • Headdress: Be Light! from AiShA
  • Outfit: Datura from devoiusMind
  • Wings: Adara from The Little Bat (comes with color changing hud and cycle changing hud)
  • Body Tattoo:  Magical – Gold from Even Tide
  • Hand Particles: Trail of Stars from Spyralle
  • Eyes: Fae – Chloe mesh eyes from Banana Banshee
  • Photo location: The Spirit Pool Sim

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