Day 10 ~ Believe

How Fantasy Faire Counts:  So far, more than $5.5 million Lindens raised, which is more than $22,000 USD!!

Fantasy Faire 2016 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands (details of Fairelands items and slurls after the pictures)





Fashion Details for items at the Fantasy Faire

  • eyeshadow (RFL item): Fei  Wisteria by Filomena Quinnell of Musa in The Golden Delta
  • earrings (RFL item): Seraph Earring in dark by Yabusaka Loon of Musa in The Golden Delta
  • hair (RFL item):  Thyra by MissAllSunday Lemon of Wasabi Pills in The Golden Delta
  • tattoo (RFL item, comes with appliers):  Dragon Silver by Eve Gaelyth of Even Tide in Echtra
  • dress:  Eretria :: Sunshine by Lolly Carlberg of LOULOU in Bright Haven
  • bracelet:   Hexa :: Sentier/Copper by Lolly Carlberg of LOULOU in Bright Haven
  • headdress: “Rose and Pearl” by Krystali Rabeni of Love Roleplay & Fantasy Store in Tinkers Hollow
  • wings:  dragonfly (static) by Krystali Rabeni of Love Roleplay & Fantasy Store in Tinkers Hollow
  • SIM Location:  Echtra by Loki Eliot.  SIM Sponsor:   The Lost Unicorn Gallery Natalie Montagne


Day 10 ~ Believe

They risked much by taking flight.  Sage’s glow shone like a beacon, making them easy prey to track for those with Evil intent.  

But Sage flew with much speed, so fast and with such chaotic precision that darkness fell away into a nosedive before it could catch her and her friends.  Far from relaxed, Sage continued to careen in all directions.  Then with sudden and disarming accuracy, she slowed their travels to nearly a pause so as to drift past the white and pink petals suddenly hanging still in the air around them.  Several petals began to float.  They traveled along some unseen breeze toward Bloom’n.  She slowly held her hand open and marveled as the petals tumbled along her fingers before landing in the belly of her hand where they stayed … as if by choice, she murmured with surprise, then looked up intending to remark on this happening but instead stopped her words fast when she saw that Sage floated now, quietly now…now in front of the magnificent Dryad Queen. 

Bloom’n watched the eyes of the Dryad study Sage.  After a brief moment, the statuesque Queen of the Trees lifted her arms slightly, as if to suggest a pathway, Bloom’n wondered.  Yet Sage must know, Bloom’n decided.  She saw Sage nod and bow with a great respectfulness before the Dryad Queen. Then just as gracefully and without warning Sage rushed yet again headlong into the winds, pulling all of her friends with her.

Higher they flew, with Sage keeping such a soaring pace that Bloom’n bubbled up great gulps of air.  And higher still until all at once appeared the pink purple light, bathing the company of friends in its loving aura as it pulsed softly against the sky.

“The Gem in the Lake,” the toaster whispered, and in its excitement involuntarily sent up a fireworks of breadcrumbs before adding, “At the very top of the highest mountain in all the lands!” 

“A beacon … sending out its light from the highest of all places to all living creatures in the worlds,” Sage murmured while staring at its beauty.  Yet an unease crept over her.  The had light quivered. Something sinister had begun to move.  

Sage surveyed the ground, frowning as a long darkness slunk its way in.    

“We are not the only ones to know the place and purpose of the Heart of All Things Beautiful,” she whispered sternly. 

As if unleashed, a snarling Doom uncoiled like a dragon and roared forth, spilling out onto the stars, blotting out their glow one by one.  If left unchallenged, it would soon devour all Light from all the worlds.  The madness of its darkness cast itself out far and wide.  The Were suddenly howled its presence by barking wildly into the Blackness.  Its glowing eyes and huge teeth and giant claws slicing the air, thrashing and snapping in all directions.  Then abruptly the Giant Barbarian hurled its Great Volcanic Fists against the Darkness, randomly pounding fury into the very ground, causing the mountain top to quake and sending the Lions and Bangles leaping into a confused frenzy where they attacked each other, setting their wide open jaws around each other’s necks.

Bloom’n, Sage, the little creatures — even the twinkle fae and fairies – slammed hard into the ground, frozen and shackled in the grips of fear.  The Gem Light quivered.  Its lake slapped waves everywhere.  Blackness flowed all around them trapping Bloom’n, Sage, and everyone on the mountain top onto their knees.  Stealing their Courage.  Confusing their Trust.  Darkening their Belief.  Ransacking their resolve.

Then something amazing happened.  And you may think it silly.  But sometimes the things that seem to be the smallest of them all can be the most powerful…more powerful than the most magnificent magic and light; more powerful than any amount of turmoil or evil darkness.

That little something involved a very small collection of small petals carried in the very heart of Bloom’n’s palm.  While she crawled in the darkness trying to break free of its chains of fear, those same petals of innocence tumbled out and fell into the tiny slots of a little excitable and sometimes nervous being who couldn’t help but explode their hopefulness up into the skies for all the worlds to see, making them into a magnificent fireworks of Love and Hope and Courage:  decimating the blackness of despair and confusion.  Sending the petals to cascade Love and Hope and Courage and Beautiful Life and Light permanently now above and around the Heart of All Things Beautiful, breaking free from despair Sage, Bloom’n, the little fae and fairies, the mice, the rabbits, the Were and company.  

Yet frozen in silence they remained.  This time frozen in listening, in truly feeling the lovely meaning of the beautiful sound they now heard.

“B e l i e v e,” a gentle voice sang from the Heart of All Things Beautiful, “Always, always…Believe…”


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