Day 9 ~ Rooted in Courage & Hope

How Fantasy Faire Counts:  So far, more than $4.4 million Lindens raised, which is more than $17,000 USD!!

Fantasy Faire 2016 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands (details of Fairelands items and slurls after the pictures)





Fashion Details for items at the Fantasy Faire

  • earrings (RFL item): Seraph Earring in dark by Yabusaka Loon of Musa in The Golden Delta
  • pendant (RFL item): Seraph pendant in dark by Yabusaka Loon of Musa in The Golden Delta
  • tattoo (RFL item, comes with appliers):  Dragon Silver by Eve Gaelyth of Even Tide in Echtra
  • dress (RFL item):  Dryad Dress by Amanda Mir of AiShA in Lucentia
  • hair (RFL item):  Thyra by MissAllSunday Lemon of Wasabi Pills in The Golden Delta
  • pink petals:   from Sakura petal outfit by Taiko McCaw of Naminoke in Echtra
  • bracelets:   HEXA :: Sentier/Copper by Lolly Carlberg of LOULOU in Bright Haven
  • headdress: “Dawn Chorus” by Krystali Rabeni of Love Roleplay & Fantasy Store in Tinkers Hollow
  • SIM Location:   Dangarnon by Jaimy Hancroft/Eowyn Swords.  SIM Sponsor:  Death Row Designs Jaimy Hancroft.

Day 9 ~ Rooted in Courage & Hope

A blanket of somber clouds coiled themselves together before wrapping around the entire sky.  The brave company did not retreat, but instead climbed even further up the mountain, itself as tall and black as night.

“How far ahead?”  

The twinkle fae on Sage’s shoulder nodded her little head, seemingly understanding what Sage was after.  Within seconds, the fae flew up and hovered for not even a moment before flittering its wings and soaring ahead, sprinkling the gloomy side of the mountain with a trail of glistening particles.  

Spirits lightened briefly.  But only briefly.

So heavy was this part of the journey that even fairy light seemed to burn the eyes, burden the soul. Bloom’n peered into the fae glitter even so.  She shielded her brow and gained visual purchase of their climb.  It was impossible otherwise to know how far they had advanced, most assuredly the reason why Sage had sent the fae ahead in chase of their scouts:  the Were, the Giant, the kittens-now Lions and Bangles.  

A tall, hard and steel-like flank of the mountain had exposed itself in the fae’s light.  The side of the mountain rose unbendingly, soaring to an apex that never seemed to arrive.  

Bloom’n sighed, her heart weary.  Just as she began to trail her sight back down, she noticed — with no small amount of hope — a tiny bit of white and pink.  She leaned in and up more deeply into the sheer’s side.  She squinted hard and without realizing it, she began to breathe a bit anxiously too…until at last she found what she was seeking.

There!, she thought.  Up several many feet — there!  Another flower roots itself in this dismal place and somehow prevails!  

Bloom’n followed the sightline up again, further this time, nearly losing her balance in the process.  “There!” she gasped, and though she had barely uttered the word, her voice surprised everyone, even Sage.

“What do you see?”

“Hope,” Bloom’n answered.  “White and pink petals reaching…maybe even floating, I can’t be totally sure.  We must be near the top.  We must…”  

She stopped abruptly.  Something more, she thought.  There’s something else — there’s someone else? — there.  

She strained her mind, urging her eyes to pluck out the detail of the other being – she was certain a being – near the flower, yet even higher still.  At last her mind seized the full image:  a Dryad Queen, majestic against the steel backdrop of the mountain sheer, stood perched on a small outer ledge in the moutain.  It’s crown of vibrant green leaves floated along sturdy brown branches that grew from her hair and head.  She seemed to smile a waterfall of white and pink petals down from eyes to the roots of her dryad footbed and beyond.  

Bloom’n concentrated, tunnelling up to every atom of this magnificent being.  And then she heard.  The Dryad Queen seemed unmistakably to say without any language at all, be it words or body:  “BELIEVE!”

Bloom’n gasped.  And at that precise moment, the twinkle fae flurried back in its return from a very great height, sending a torrent of glittering particles down in her wake.  Sage nodded to the excited creature who then spoke rapidly in soft ancient fairy-speak.  When the fae finished her report, Sage’s face — yet ever graceful — set even more.

“Thank you, dear twinkle fae,” she whispered, and returned a hardened gaze back up, where Bloom’n’s excitement still pointed.

And then it happened.  

A pink-and purple glow appeared…outlining the pinnacle of all things, far far up in the sky at the top of this beastly mountain.   

“Our friends are deep in the heart of battle,” Sage said solemnly, her elegant Wizard face cast in a pink-purple hue.  “We must hurry.  We must give them aid.”  Her body outlined itself with glow.

“Fly Bloom’n.  Fly little fae and winged friends, alike.  Mr. Toaster, hold on tightly to me,” Sage directed, then with a whoosh, her glow blossomed and together they all rocketed up into the inky black night. 

In chase of Hope.

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