Day 7 ~ The only way out is Through

Fantasy Faire 2016 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands (details of Fairelands items and slurls after the pictures)





 Fashion Details for items at the Fantasy Faire

  • coat (RFL item):   Arianne Lace Coat by EposHair Resident of Stitched & EPOS in Serenity
  • skin (RFL item):  Constella Skin:// Lunale by Aikea Rieko of The Plastik in Serenity
  • lingerie (RFL item):  Horny Devil (lilac) by Carrie Bridger of Carrie’s Lingerie in Serenity
  • leg wrap (RFL item):  Chasm – Huntar by Vix Nirvana of Storybook in Dangarnon
  • particles that I wear (RFL item):  Twinkle Faeries (purple) by ColeMarie Soleil of  Cole’s Corner in Lucentia
  • headpiece and horns:  dragon ling by Krystali Rabeni of Love Roleplay & Fantasy Store in Tinkers Hollow
  • veil:  face net headband by Krystali Rabeni of Love Roleplay & Fantasy Store in Tinkers Hollow
  • Location:   Malfience, the world for The Fairelands Quest – The Tale of Exiles


Day 7 ~ The only way out is Through

Forward…the only way through.

They moved swiftly.  Quietly.  Even the toaster managed to stop popping toast or whipping its electric tail in spite of an almost uncomfortably heightened awareness — so thick it wrapped itself around all living things.  

And even the unliving things around them… 

Bloom’n cringed, casting sharp eyes as dangerous as her sword.  She moved silently, even more than usual.  Much like the toaster and the entire fellowship.  They traveled hurriedly through an unnatural dark that grew in size and depth the further eastward they went.  Their destination:  the Lake.  The last fortress.  The Heart of all things Beautiful.

But from here to there was another world entirely.  Ghost-like images of struggled realities revealed themselves:  remnants of valleys and forges, strangled thickets, popup shanties, brown rivers, brooding hillsides.  And, then… a looming black mountain as high and as black as night itself.  Brooding and angry.  Unforgiving and unyielding.

The wind howled, as if coursing through their very bones.  She felt it and knew everyone in the party did as well.  She felt the universes there, the start and end of time, the naked essence of her soul.  She marveled at the feeling, despite the otherworldly darkness, the strange and unfamiliar path they all found themselves on.  Yet suddenly without a single word or a gesture, she finally admitted to herself the very truth that her very Old Original Soul residing deep deep in the universe of her bones already knew:  Bloom’n was afraid.  

A hand brushed softly along her arm.  Then a voice lingered in her ear.

“The only way forward…” Sage whispered, “is through.”

Bloom’n shuddered.  She thought she heard the Were snarl almost in agreement.  Definitely with resolve.  

Then she took a deep breath and continued forward.  Finding hope ever so briefly at the sight of a single flower, blooming white and pink almost like a beacon in the ink of the growing gloom.  


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